Queries barrage on minister over Covid; Details sought on vaccine imports

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5 : MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri has forwarded queries to Minister of Health Dr Khalid Al-Saeed about coronavirus as follows:

■ If vaccination against the virus is compulsory;

■ If his ministry asked the Council of Ministers to impose a travel ban on unvaccinated individuals;

■ If the ministry urged any of the public institutions to be hostile towards the unvaccinated;

■ If the vaccines protect users from coronavirus and its variants and percentage of protection if the response is in the affirmative;

■ If the vaccines have no negative side effects;

■ If the ministry obtained commitment of manufacturers to verify the effect and safety of the vaccines and if they followed the specified licensing procedures;

■ If scientific researches were conducted to guarantee the safety of the vaccines;

■ If the individuals were informed about the components of the vaccine before vaccination;

■ If the ministry obtained the written approval of individuals prior to vaccination;

■ If the ministry recorded cases of negative side effects or deaths due to the vaccines;

■ If the ministry is aware that cases were filed against Pfizer and Moderna in the USA for fraud and bribery;

■ Procedures followed in signing contracts with the two companies;

■ Protocol in the treatment of Covid- 19 patients since the beginning of the crisis till date;

■ If the manufacturers supplied vaccines directly or through brokers; 8 number of Corona patients in hospitals from April 1, 2020 to Nov 30, 2021;

■ Number of recoveries;

■ Number of individuals infected with corona and its variants among the unvaccinated, among those who took one dose, two doses and three doses so far;

■ Number of deaths due to Covid-19, its variants or the vaccines;

■ If the ministry conducted studies including statistics;

■ If the ministry made sure that the vaccines have no negative side effects including death.

He cited a statistical report issued in Germany stating that 95 percent of those infected with the virus have been vaccinated — 28 percent of whom got three doses, compared to only 4.42 percent among the unvaccinated. He also requested for copies of all the contracts that the ministry signed for the import of Covid-19 vaccines. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 31471 times!

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