Qarmatians distorted faith and committed major sins

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AFTER the “First Fitna” (Great Sedition), the history of the Muslim world witnessed many political and military movements, each of which sought to seize power, especially at the end of the Abbasid Dynasty when divisions multiplied, and the state’s grip on the governors and capitals weakened.

At that time, a group called Qarmatis emerged after Hamdan bin Qarmat, who broke away from the Ismaili Shiite sect, established his state in the tenth century AD, and placed in each region a representative, or what is nowadays called “the deputy guide”.

These people worked on establishing gangs in areas where they were found. Their mission was to terrorize the innocent and subjugate them, after they were unable to win over them politically. They imposed a number of measures that were contrary to Islamic rituals such as making prayers twice a day, and fasting two days a year, which are “the day of the festival” and the “Newroz festival”.

Among the leaders of the Qarmatians who were famous for their brutality and abuse was Abu Saeed al-Hasan bin Bahram al-Janabi. He took over the Arabian Peninsula and settled in Qatif. From there, he extended his control over Bahrain using the method of intimidation to stop the opponents from resisting him.

At that time, the people of Syria and Iraq (Levant) canceled Hajj because of the terror of these gangs that looted, killed the men, and raped the women whenever they passed by a village, and then they burned down that village with its children and the elderly.

This terrorist policy was inherited by the sons from the fathers, so when the matter of rule in Bahrain passed to Abu Taher Al-Qarmati Suleiman bin Al-Hassan bin Bahram Al-Janabi after the death of his father, the first thing he did was raid the holy city of Makkah on the 8th day of month of pilgrimage (Hajj) in the year 317 AH. There he plundered the pilgrims’ money and killed them.

It is said that the toll of the murdered pilgrims was about thirty thousand, and he was doing so while shouting the following at the threshold of the Kaaba: “I am by God, and by God I am. He creates creation, and I destroy them”.

As a result, the Black Stone was stolen as he stripped the Sacred House, took its door, and filled the well of Zamzam with the corpses.

Over the past four decades, the world witnessed a new resurrection of adherents to the Qarmati terrorist ideology through a number of movements that raised the slogan of the Islamic state, revived the caliphate, and worked to stir up creedal and sectarian strife throughout the Islamic world. Many massacres were committed in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, in addition to terrorist operations in many countries around the world.

These gangs, which call themselves by Islamic names as a smokescreen, operate according to a strategic vision that is based on expansion and changing the beliefs of Muslims. It is unfortunate that some countries are still seeking to integrate them into Arab and Muslim societies, either as a resistance or as a political component that has the right to express itself.

Because of these groups, Arabs and Muslims are suffering. These groups must be eliminated in order to liberate the societies that have been held hostage by them, be it the so-called Hezbollah or ISIS or Al-Qaeda and others who are exploited by the Mullahs regime to revive its racist discriminatory expansionist project in the region.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 18266 times!

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