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Sunday , September 25 2022

Protection of intellectual property rights queried

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8: MP Mohammed Al-Dalal has forwarded questions to Minister of Information Muhammad Al-Jabri on the protection of intellectual property rights.

Al-Dalal pointed out that protection of intellectual properties and patents is one of the most important functions of the State as it is way of ensuring justice for creative individuals in the fields of innovation, production and invention. He said that protection provided by the law is an indicator of the civilization of a country.

He added the State of Kuwait issued a number of laws and regulations in this regard such as Intellectual Property Rights Law No. 64/1999, Patents and Industrial Designs Law No. 4/1962, and Law No. 71/2013 promulgating the Patent System for GCC countries. In spite of the issuance of these laws, the implementation is weak; thereby, causing many problems and loss of intellectual property rights of parties wishing to register patents, Al-Dalal asserted.

He asked the minister to submit copies of decisions and circulars on protection of intellectual property rights and patents, detailed reports from departments or units tasked to follow-up intellectual property and patent registration, names of persons working in these departments or units, their nationalities, academic qualifications and experience.

He wants to know the procedures and decisions taken to Implement Law No. 71/2013, forms of coordination between Kuwait and other countries in the GCC, mechanism for registering patents, obstacles encountered and steps taken to overcome them. He inquired if the competent departments or units stopped receiving applications for registration of patents, reasons for doing so, date of suspension and date of resumption.

He asked if lawsuits were filed against the Ministry of Information in relation to the registration of patents and intellectual properties in the last five years, number of cases and results. He wants to know the position of Kuwait in reports or indexes released by international organizations on the protection of intellectual property rights and patents and the role of the ministry in this regard. Furthermore, MP Adel Al-Damkhi has submitted queries to Minister of Health Dr Bassil Al-Hamoud on the Supreme Committee for the Protection of Children. He asked about the powers of the supreme committee, which was formed through ministerial Decision No. 254/2016; and if it is under the Ministry of Health. He demanded for copies of the minutes of committee meetings, number of meetings held, action taken by the committee, and studies conducted by specialized bodies if any


By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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