Pros and cons of instituting visitation rights centres

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The new family law has given a new option for divorced couples to execute the visitation judgment in ‘visitation centers’, which are newly built and situated in Kuwait Governorates such that residents of each governorate will visit the centers to see their children once they have visitation hours granted through a court judgment.

The idea behind having these centers is to avoid obstacles which divorced parents face when they want to see their children. In a lot of cases, the spouse who was granted custody would complain at the police station that their child was beaten or hurt by the other parent during visitation hours. It is very hard to prove this not only because there is no supervision during visitation hours, but also due to the probability that the claim is false or fabricated for the other parent to lose visitation rights or to set him up in a criminal case.

Unfortunately in some cases, the parent who was granted custody fabricates the whole crime. In other cases, the parent with visitation rights makes the false claim, and it is hard to prove this in both situations. Also, the parent with visitation rights claims that he did not see the child within the entire agreed time because the other parent came late with the child. This is the reason why the visitation center helps avoid these obstacles by setting an appointment for the parent to see the child under the supervision of the employee at the center.

But the question is: “Is this the proper way for the parent to spend normal and happy time with their child?” It is illogical to have them meet in a room doing nothing but talk in front of a stranger, instead of the child visiting the parent’s house or going out to parks where they could spend a good time together.

I think forcing people who received visitation judgment to see their children in the center is improper and it does not serve the real purpose of granting them visitation rights.

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By Atyab Alshatti, Esq.



This news has been read 7730 times!

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