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Proposal to include kids of Kuwaiti mothers to receive social aid

Minister of Social Affairs Dr Ghadeer Aseeri

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 4: Minister of Social Affairs Dr Ghadeer Aseeri, has presented a draft law, which has been referred to the Fatwa and Legislation Department, to include the children of Kuwaiti mothers and non-Kuwaiti fathers for receiving social aid in order to achieve equality among Kuwaiti families and to improve the living conditions, reports Al-Rai daily.

In another context, the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs affirmed its keenness towards people with minor disabilities.

The authority revealed about the cooperation with the Patients Helping Fund Society to provide compensatory devices to people with minor hearing disabilities, because they are not covered by the provisions of Article 44 of law No. 8/2010 regarding the rights of persons with disabilities and its amendments, which apply only to persons with moderate and severe disabilities.

The authority also explained that it had amended this text in the draft bill in order to include people with mild hearing disabilities, believing that they are entitled to prosthetic devices, until the bill comes into effect.

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