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Project Visa Transfer

I came to Kuwait in 2012 on a project visa. This project was finished in 2015 and we transferred to another project. For our new project our company got a new sponsor but due to the change in transfer rules our company was unable to transfer our visa to the new sponsor.

In March 2016, however, our visa got transferred (I don’t know under what circumstances) to a company file (called Joint Venture). I have an engineer’s visa. I want to know, can I get a transfer to a new government project. If yes then what is the minimum time required to make the next transfer.

Name withheld

Answer: We can’t give you a clear answer because you have not mentioned what sort of Joint Venture your company is involved in. We ask this question because Joint Ventures can be in the Free Trade Zone (where most of such ventures are taking place these days) or outside the FTZ.

This becomes very important because a very different set of rules is applicable in both these areas. We also need to know whether the Joint Venture (which involves a foreign partner) involves the government or a private sector firm as partner.

Here lies the main issue which will confirm whether you are on a local private firm’s sponsorship or still on a government project visa.


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