Prohibition of Photographing Patients during Prescription Dispensation

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KUWAIT CITY, June 11: The Ministry of Health emphasizes the importance of upholding patient privacy, dignity, and equal treatment, as guaranteed by Article 9 of the Law on Practicing the Medical Profession and its Auxiliary Professions. Both patients and healthcare facilities have rights that must be respected. It is strictly prohibited by law and against medical ethics to photograph patients while they are receiving their medical prescriptions. This applies to all third parties and regardless of the reason or means of photography, except under specific conditions specified by the law (Article 21).

To ensure a smooth process, medication dispensation procedures are conducted through a secure electronic system with specific controls. Expats must meet certain requirements, such as valid residency, health insurance, and payment of prescribed fees, for the proper disbursement of medications.

Patients with chronic illnesses receive their prescribed medications on a regular basis, typically once a month or sometimes for a two-month supply.

The Ministry of Health expresses concern over repeated incidents where patients’ privacy has been violated through unauthorized photography during the dispensation of their medical prescriptions at hospital pharmacies or health centers. The circulation of such images on social media platforms is strongly discouraged and goes against the principles of patient confidentiality and respect.

This news has been read 7293 times!

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