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Wednesday , June 16 2021

Probe commission looking into abuses at KAC

Focus on ‘Airbus’ deal

KUWAIT CITY, July 22: After completing its report on the alleged arbitrary appointments in the oil sector which points a finger of accusation at senior officials and companies, the Inquiry Commission formed by the National Assembly, is now looking into the financial and administrative abuses at the Kuwait Airways Corporation, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

At the heart of the investigation is the Airbus issue and the Inquiry Commission is close to completing its task which will be submitted to the National Assembly before the end of the current legislative term. Informed sources told the Al-Seyassah newspaper the investigation of the ‘Airbus’ deal is still in full swing and the expected results will answer all questions and refute false information that touched Kuwait, stressing that “some of this information is right,” while the committee will look into important recommendations to deal with other information involving some names and sectors.

The sources pointed out that what the committee has investigated, so far, shows no responsibility of the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Issa Al-Kandari, in everything that has been raised about the deal, given that fact that what happened was about seven months prior to he assumed the transportation portfolio, however the committee is still investigating the issue.

With regard to administrative and financial abuses, the sources indicated that “the investigation is almost completed, and the committee has unearthed the violations committed in the past years which involved the appointments,” stressing that it is neither acceptable nor logical for the number of Kuwaiti employees not to exceed 15 percent of the employees at the KAC. This requires urgent amendment and correction.

The sources pointed out that the committee will submit a report, regarding the final prices of the planes, the amounts paid, the value of fines and the entities that have been proven to fail in taking proper legal procedures, noting the cooperation of official bodies that have been consulted for their opinion, including Nazaha and the Audit Bureau and the Financial Supervisory Authority has been sought.

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