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Saturday , December 10 2022

Primitive foreign loyalty defends terrorism, desecrates dignity, blood of sincere patriots

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

HAVE matters in this country deteriorated to the lowest level such that some pale faces are declaring loyalty to foreign entities and defending a mob that sought to commit State security crimes under the pretext of protecting national unity? Or is this just the tip of an iceberg?

How can an MP come up with a proposal to pardon criminals who wished evil to befall on this country through the use of lethal weapons in order to execute Iran’s agendas, as well as seek pardon for a former fugitive MP who was sentenced to nearly a hundred years in prison for offending the leaders of this country and also sabotaging relations with our neighboring country which defended Kuwait from the brutal invasion and stood by the people of Kuwait during times of tribulations?

This represents an exit from the political principles; in fact, it is a crime punishable by the law and does not fall within the framework of freedom of expression – either the freedom through which the MP can say whatever he wants in Parliament, or the freedom that we are all entitled to.

Isn’t there someone to deter such people and make them hold their horses? Or is it that electoral gains and political deals trample everything else including the supreme interests of this beloved country?

Don’t these words and actions constitute a defined crime that requires accountability?

I am asking these questions because, when I posted a picture on Twitter with a Quranic verse written under it, several voices came out to vilify me. In fact, the matter reached the point whereby Lawyer Khalil Al-Tabakh and some mentally-skewed people filed a lawsuit invoking Article No. 111 of the Penal Code.

There is more… they demanded capital punishment on me, which is death. The only thing they failed to mention is how I should be executed – is it the Iranian style by which I get hanged from a crane at Safat Square? Or will I get assassinated the way the Mullahs do to the opposition on the streets of Tehran?

What I published was a picture accompanied by a noble Quranic verse. The picture was of some people including those who are listed as terrorists in Kuwait and other parts of the world, such as Hassan Nasrallah and some leaders of the Mullahs regime.

The invocation of Article No. 111 of the Penal Code applies to those who desecrate our Creator, and His messengers and Prophets, as well as those who dishonor religion and even the social fabric.

Therefore, I beg to ask – Aren’t the people in the picture ordinary people? Or is there something I am missing that qualifies them to be revered?

Whatever the case, we continue to emphasize the fact that the Kuwaiti courts are open to everyone, and its judicial integrity is fair and does not favor anyone.

Nonetheless, even though those who decided to accuse us did not leave a door without knocking in a bid to impose their opinion on our decision makers, we will also resort to the judiciary and sue Lawyer Al-Tabbakh and his crew because they have no right to defame and accuse people, let alone the fact that they are defending a criminal – Nasrallah – and other terrorist elements of the Mullahs.

These are the same people who stood up to defend the convicted “Abdali Cell” to such an extent that an MP rushed to present a proposal in the Parliament to pardon them.

This cell conspired against Kuwait and trained in the camps of Hezbollah and The Revolutionary Guards, as mentioned in the final ruling issued by the Court of Cassation. They had amassed weapons to commit terrorist operations in the country. They also supported and probably participated in attempts to destabilize Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. They did not hesitate even for a moment to support any opinion that was inconsistent with Kuwait’s foreign policy.

When it comes to mere local issues, isn’t it imperative to hold accountable those who declare their loyalty to foreign entities, whether religious or not?

It is as though this MP wants to install a non-Kuwaiti cleric as the supreme leader of this country, while the Amir and head of the state His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah is the sole ruler of this country.

This makes us wonder – Have we come under the rule of a group that has a specific political orientation? Or are we in a state of institutions and law?

What is going on is actually moral and intellectual terrorism, as well as a blatant attempt to form a parallel force that deflates the State of its content in order to be a copy of the Mullahs regime in Iran where the ruling is based on a principle of iron fist. I sincerely hope the relevant authorities will act fast to stop this travesty.

What is the idea behind the transgression of sovereignty pillars? Have we reached a stage where some of those loyal to the foreign entities repeat what the terrorist Hassan Nasrallah said – “I am proud to be a member of the Governance of the Jurist?”

This governance is to come and dictate our leadership, our will, our affairs and make decisions of war and peace … No, no, no … Kuwait has never and will never be for sale. I hope the message is clear … or do I need to increase the volume?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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