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PrepAway Presents: Top IT Online Courses to Prepare for Your Certification Exam

The field of IT is extremely wide and dynamic. The IT learners and professionals have to occasionally take courses related to their realms so that they can understand the new concepts and upgrade their skills.The IT bandwagon has a lot of possibilities for everyone who decides to jump on it. Whether you want to start with a certificate/diploma/degree level, there are lots of available options to choose from. Good thing is that most of these IT technical course options and certifications are globally recognized. This means that after acquiring the skills and the credential, you can work in any IT company or department in your home country and abroad.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most trending IT technical courses that most of IT learners and professionals usually go for. There is a very long list of IT trainings, and most of them can be taken online.

Here are some of the most popular IT training courses. We have grouped some of them under the IT companies that offer them.

  1. CompTIAcourses

CompTIA is globally recognized as one of the leading voices for the Information Technology industry. If you want to advance your IT career, then you should consider takinga CompTIA online training course and get certified. All these trainings are available online. All you need to do is to find a reputable site that offers them in a comprehensive and recommended manner.

Some of the most popular CompTIA training courses you can take online include the following ones:

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Security +
  • CompTIA Network +
  • CompTIA Cloud +
  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals
  • Cisco courses

Cisco technologies and trainings are some of the most recognized IT courses globally. Do you find yourself fascinated by the various types of network wires, switches, and plugs that are holding the programming sense of those wires and cables? Are you interested in knowing everything about how the data is able to flow through the switches? If yes, then Cisco technologies may actually be your best choice.With some diploma or a degree in computer science, you are definitely qualified to take a Cisco course.

There are different levels of Cisco certifications.An individual is awarded depending on the training course that he or she has successfully taken. To complete successfully a Cisco course means that you have also passed the exam associated with that particular training. The levels of Cisco certification path include:

  • Entry
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert
  • Architect

These credentials for IT Technicians and Specialists are available in about 7 different subject areas, namely:

  • Network Security
  • Design
  • Voice
  • Wireless
  • Storage Networking
  • Service Provider
  • Routing and Switching

The Cisco training courses will help you earn certificates that will definitely drive your career forward and open plenty of job opportunities for you.

  • Microsoft courses

Microsoft is a leading contributor to the development and growth of Information Technology. It has diversified IT technology offerings not only for IT professionals but also for IT aspirants. The technology offerings from Microsoft range from Server administration to Desktop administration, Data administration and Cloud platforms such as Azure, and even the web and desktop based applications and developments with .NET. It is the most preferred solution for the much lighter web applications that do not have rigorous security demands.

Microsoft is very popular with a wide range of credentials. You can earn any of them after taking the IT courses and passing the exam. You will ought to use the knowledge and skills acquired by taking the course.In case you have decided to join the bandwagon of Microsoft, then you will require Microsoft certifications to give your resume a boost. However, this is not the case with application developers who learn .NET because they can do well even without certifications.

For you to take Administration and Networking courses offered by Microsoft, you must have a bit of computer basic knowledge. These trainings are the best for anyone with diploma or any degree that is not related to IT. There is a wide range of options, which you can see when visiting the Microsoft website. You can also visit the PrepAway web page to get more information.

  • Oracle courses

Oracle DBA, or Database Administration, is one the IT training courses that you can undoubtedly rely on for a very stable IT career, especially in a highly competitive, dynamic and unpredictable IT or software industry.This course is primarily about creating, maintaining and managing massive data files.

The DBA course is very popular because there is literally not any project in IT or software that does not require the use of a database. It is necessary for small or big projects. There are no specific minimum eligibilities for this course. However, a degree or diploma in computer is the best from a job or employment viewpoint.

Other ways of preparation

Of course, IT courses are considered to be the best ways to be ready for the exams and future responsibilities. However, you can also use many other methods of learning. Among them, one of the most popular is practice tests. Visit the PrepAway website and find the best ones. PrepAway practice tests will help you check yourself after completing the courses. Besides, there are a lot of other materials available on the site. PrepAway provides practice tests and exam dumps for different exams: Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

Conclusion The above list of IT training courses is not complete. However, the ones mentioned are among the most popular at present. Be sure to look for the certifications associated with the IT training you have taken. Use some other study platforms such as PrepAway. Good luck!

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