Premiership under the eyes of a captain who wants pioneership of the country

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WELCOME to the Prime Minister-designate Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah. You are onboard a ship that has gone through many failed experiences. Many ministers and heads of Cabinet have left behind nothing but decline and failure in all fields. The country, as the poet said, has been killed by thirst while carrying the goodness of water on his back. Welcome to the confidence of the leadership, which we never doubt. In fact, why should we doubt it when we are a nation in which Almighty Allah said, “O you who have believed, obey Allah, and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you.”

Today, you are the vice captain of a ship that has been exhausted by fatigue as a result of 30 years of decline. Today it is led by a different captain who has followed public affairs and the course of the country’s rulers for 60 years, and was satisfied with some of their decisions. He restrained his anger with others, and knew who was wrong and who was right. The captain raised the banner of truth and justice in front of everyone, starting with himself and his family. He will not allow anyone to lower that banner or tamper with it. Therefore, the Prime Minister-designate knows more than anyone else about his goals. They are well-known to the people of Kuwait as well, because His Highness announced them in his positions and speeches, and in front of his visitors. The most important of them is that there is no place for corruption and the corrupt.

Kuwait must return to its former path of pioneership and progress. There is nothing to prevent that, as long as its resources are many and its human potential is great. This is why you, the Prime Minister-designate, must know how to distance those with personal interests and avoid the absurd fight between the two authorities. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah, you today hold the reins of the secretariat of the executive authority. You must choose a team of ministers that understands how to implement the ambitions of His Highness the Amir.

As we mentioned, only you know more than anyone else what the ship’s captain wants and what his objectives are. Among the biggest dangers in the current sensitive circumstances internally, regionally and internationally are the lack of response to his orders, not having an understanding of everything that is going on in the country and the region, and dealing with events with cynicism.

There is no time for reconciliation at the expense of Kuwait’s higher interests. There is no room for fighting over nonsensical matters. In fact, reform must be the ultimate goal, because the ship’s captain seeks to achieve that, irrespective of the cost. The prices that were paid previously were so high that the Kuwaitis and the senior leadership can no longer accept any failure, as the country does not take any adventure with uncalculated consequences. Today we have a ship captain who has knowledge of every matter in the various ministries. He has tried many officials who he discovered were neither up to the level of responsibility nor the level of the challenges they faced in administration. Kuwait today needs construction, and everyone must watch over this task, just like the Amir (May Almighty Allah grant him well being and success).

O Prime Minister-designate, we will not hide from you the fact that we will monitor your actions and the actions of your ministerial staff. Just as you dream of prolonging the life of the Council of Ministers that you lead, Kuwaitis dream that political stability will be long-term, that development will begin under your executive leadership, and that you will not allow the establishment of a deep state or mini-states of this kind. You realize what it means about the fact that Kuwait today is led by a ruler who dedicated his whole life for his country. He will not allow any mistake, no matter how small. He is a ruler who is tired of dreaming of the best. He is a ruler who wants Kuwait to return to its pioneership. As we said, there is a lot of goodness, and we only lack administrators who are up to the task.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
[email protected]

This news has been read 1115 times!

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