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‘Precious metals marked weigh 864 tons’

‘KD 130,000 fee charged’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 7: Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced Sunday that the total weight of precious metals marked in December was about 864.2 tons, for a 130,000 dinars fee (about $427,000), reports Al-Anba daily.

In a press release the daily said, the local and foreign gold accounted for about 2.39 tons, and the cost of marking was about 106,000 dinars (about 348,000 dollars), including 975 kilograms of local gold and 16.16 tons of foreign gold.

The amount of 22 carat domestic gold marked was 196.5 kilos, while the foreign gold of the same quality was 521.3 kilos. The amount of 21 carat local gold marked was 757.1 kg and the foreign gold was 343.6 kg. This is in addition to 18 carat local gold which was 21.1 kg, and the foreign gold was 298.8 kg.

The amount of gold bullion was 447 kilograms and the silver was 200 kilograms. The price was estimated at 23,000 dinars (around 75,000 dollars), while the quantity of silver was 78.8 kilograms and the fees were 394 dinars (about 1,300 dollars). Sources pointed out that the Precious Metals Department at the Ministry issued 243 clearance certificates that match the customs declaration, as well as 297 certificates for the alloys, marks and metals exempted from the stamp and received a fee of about 2,160 dinars (about 7,000 dollars).

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