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Wednesday , April 21 2021

Pre-booked clients must bring sheep with them for slaughter; no market on 1st day

KUWAIT CITY, July 30: Director of Slaughterhouses Department at the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) Mohammed Al-Salem highlighted the importance of the commitment of those who pre-booked appointments for slaughtering sacrifices in one of the four central slaughterhouses accredited by the authority in Jahra, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Shuwaikh, and Dhaher areas, reports Al-Rai daily.

People at the booking counter paying for the sheep slaughter

He stressed that people must adhere to the health requirements and arrive 15 minutes before the appointment, indicating that each person should take his sacrifice with him on the first day.

Al-Salem affirmed the readiness and willingness of all the designated slaughterhouses to receive the sacrifices.

During a tour by the daily of the abattoir in Capital Governorate, Al-Salem explained that the authority made all preparations to receive the clients from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm through the Eid Al-Adha days. The place designated for slaughtering the sacrifices has been prepared. Clients will be received according to the prior appointments they make due to which they would not have to wait for more than 15 minutes to receive their sacrifice after cutting into six pieces.

The sheep market in Al-Dhahr area.

He revealed that the sheep market will be closed on the first day due to which the concerned person has to bring his sacrifice with him.

Al-Salem stressed the need for the clients to commit to wearing masks and maintaining physical distance and ensuring children do not accompany them.

He indicated that no more than five sacrifices for each reservation will be received during the first day of the holidays, assuring that facilities will be made available for the elderly, people with special needs, and women based on a specific mechanism.

Al-Salem urged everyone to cooperate with the securitymen and food inspectors for the sake of public interest in order to prevent congestion.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director General for Finance, Administration and Administrative Development at PAFN Dr. Zekra Behbehani said, “In implementation of the Cabinet’s decision issued during its meeting on July 23 concerning the use of the appointment system for slaughtering procedures in slaughterhouses, the authority represented by the Financial and Administrative Affairs Sector will coordinate with the Central Authority for Information Technology to operate the appointment reservation service for slaughtering of sacrifices. This will be via the “When” platform through which the public can book an appointment to slaughter their sacrifice from the first day to the fourth day of Eid Al-Adha. This is aimed at preserving the health and safety of everyone and applying the requirements set by the health authorities for easing congestion”.

Behbehani indicated the coordination between the Financial and Administrative Sector and the Inspection Sector in PAFN to prepare for receiving the sacrifices of people in the four central slaughterhouses during the days of Eid Al-Adha.

It is worth highlighting the costs of the sacrifices – 
⦁ Local Al-Naimi – from KD 120 to KD 150
⦁ Saudi Al-Naimi – from KD 120 to KD 140
⦁ Jordanian – from KD 100 to KD 120
⦁ Romanian and Georgian – from KD 80 to KD 90
⦁ Sudanese – from KD 70 to KD 80
⦁ Armenian – from KD 70 to KD 75
⦁ Somali – from KD 50 to KD 60
⦁ Local goat – from KD 90 to KD 120
⦁ Imported calf – from KD 330 to KD 350
⦁ Local calf – from KD 450 to KD 500
⦁ Camel – from KD 450 to KD 500.

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