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Thursday , August 11 2022

Police nod to use pepper spray in self-defense, protect others

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‘Give suspect opportunity to comply with orders’

KUWAIT CITY, April 16: The Assistant Undersecretary Public Security Sector, Major General Farraj Al-Zoubi at the Ministry of Interior has issued a decision allowing policemen to use pepper spray in self defense or to protect others from being attacked, reports Al-Jarida daily. The decision indicates this step comes “within the framework of imposing the rule of law and maintaining security and public order, as stipulated in the Criminal Procedures and Trials Law No. 17 of 1960 and its amendments, and Police Law No. 23 of 1968 and its amendments.

The law permits policemen to use force to the extent necessary to perform these security duties and tasks, and to use weapons to confront any terrorist or criminal activity. The decision stated that the measure falls within the context of the Ministry of the Interior’s keenness to protect and enable policemen from the public security sector to defend themselves and respond to any attempts of aggression by some outlaws, the life, money, property of citizens and residents. This is in addition to carrying out the tasks and duties entrusted to them to prevent crimes and to apprehend the perpetrators and refer them to the investigation authorities.

The decision stipulates that policemen from the Public Security have the right to use a means or tools such as pepper spray to defend themselves and others against any attempt to attack them, as well as to tighten control and arrest wanted persons and outlaws, provided that it is in accordance with the following controls and cases – without abusing authority; in cases of self-defense against any attack on them by outlaws or wanted persons; when dealing with any person suspected of committing acts that disturb public security and order or endanger himself and the life of others; first alert the suspect or wanted person of use pepper spray against him to give him an opportunity to comply with orders and turn himself in; take caution before and during the use of this substance, so as not to injure any other person other than the target person; not to use it against the person who has complied with orders and turned himself in; not to use it against a handcuffed person if he has not stopped resisting or trying to escape; not to use it against people while they are driving any kind of vehicle and policeman submitting a detailed report to his superiors after each use of pepper spray.