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Pocatello, US ‘terror’ Idaho State University – May Almighty Allah protect everyone

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Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

IT HAS BEEN not long ago since US President Barack Obama verbally transgressed against the Arabian Peninsula and its peaceful people, but now we are hearing similar transgressions happening to our students in the US.

Our students in the US, particularly in Idaho State University in Pocatello, are enduring organized mistreatment, theft and even verbal threats and discrimination.  All these fall under the concept of physical and mental terrorism.

We do not know who is behind this fierce campaign of discrimination and even racism against our children.  All we know is the fact that it is our duty to highlight this dangerous issue for everyone to know that the lives of our children are very precious and necessary measures should be taken to protect their souls, whether in the US or any other country.

One of Kuwait’s representative committees in the US addressed a statement to the cultural attaché in Kuwait Cultural Office in Los Angles, Dr Anwar Al-Khureinej, requesting him to find radical solution to what the Kuwaiti students are going through in Idaho.  Among these solutions is allowing the students to transfer to other universities in the US.

This came as a result of continuous racist discrimination and security problems suffered by Kuwaiti students and others from the rest of the GCC countries, but so far, their request has not been heard by the officials.

The requests made by Kuwaiti students in Idaho State University were characterized with civility and sobriety of thoughts.  They did not include calls for tough reaction against those who are mistreating them or racially discriminating them or those causing distress to our children.

I have a friend whose child will graduate from the same university.  His family is preparing to attend their child’s graduation ceremony, but according to my friend, her child told her that the GCC students in the university will not dare participate in the ceremony due to the discrimination they face even in the supermarket.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Office in the US was quick to respond.  Cultural Attaché Dr Abdulgani Bo Al-Hassan, in a statement addressed to the Saudi students in Idaho State University, said that enrollment to this university will be suspended in all courses and a plan is underway to transfer the students to other universities.

The Kingdom’s response to this issue shows their keenness in ensuring the safety of their children, given that the cultural attaché is the first line of defense for students studying abroad.

Kuwait’s response on this issue is humble as usual, without being affirmative compared to that of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom’s response came through official channels on April 11, 2016. The statement was dated and had official stamps, whereas Kuwait’s response had neither date nor official stamps, not even the signature of the cultural attaché in the Kuwaiti Cultural Office in Los Angeles Dr Mansour Jaragh.

Finally, may Almighty Allah protect everyone from all forms of evil and harm.

By Intisaar Al-Ma’tooq