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Monday , October 25 2021

Pens used in forging docus ‘easily available’ in Kuwait

Move tied to absence of control by authorities

Some of the pens and pencils used in forging documents displayed at a bookstore in Kuwait.

KUWAIT CITY, May 21: Pens and pencils which are used in forgery, counterfeiting documents and seize the rights of others are easily available across Kuwait in bookstores, libraries and even in some grocery stores.

The daily added, this is because of the absence of control by the concerned authorities and absence of censorship. A survey conducted by the daily showed these pens and pencils which do not cost more than a quarter dinar are illegally imported into the country and have been used by crooks to forge documents.

Many people have become victims of these pens after the signatures or amount mentioned in the documents and official contracts have disappeared and as a result so many people have lost their rights. After checking the spread of these pens in the local market, the daily went to the courtrooms looking for the victims of forgery.

Abu Abdullah, the owner of a contracting company was swindled by an unidentified contractor. He said he signed a check for KD 5,000 using the pen given to him by a contractor and later he discovered the amount had been changed to KD 50,000. He did not know how the money was changed so easily and without any signs of fraud on the check until he knew of the existence of these pens and was sure that he was the victim.

On the other hand, the security expert revealed retired Lieutenant- General Tariq Hamadeh said these crimes emerged several years ago. He stressed on the seriousness of these crimes and the use of these methods by gangs specializing in the theft and blackmailing of businessmen.

There are concerns about the use of these pens not by strangers but by close associates or in other words secretaries and some employees in companies for the purpose of financial manipulation or facilitating embezzlement. He called for activating the laws to prevent the import of such products into the country as well as to limit the spread and sale of such pens and pencils by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the General Customs Department. He also called on the need to launch awareness campaigns through the media and state institutions.

He revealed that some take advantage of such pens to lure the women and cheat them by signing unofficial contracts without their knowledge and then all data is self erased.

Official sources in the Consumer Protection Department and General Customs Department asserted their irresponsibility of the accessibility of these pens and pencils in the local markets, affirming they do not have the power to ban them as long as they are not given instructions in this regard.

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