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Tuesday , September 28 2021

Parents urged to cooperate with teachers during online classes

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22: Ministry of Education has called on parents to cooperate with school administrations for the benefit of students, especially in light of the current exceptional circumstances, in carrying out the distance learning system, which is a new educational system that requires concerted efforts to make it successful, reports Al-Anba daily.

In this regard, educational sources revealed the interference of parents during the online classes when the male or female teacher presents their lesson to the students.

They highlighted the psychological pressures that the teachers face.

The sources explained that some parents commented by saying, “Teacher, give the opportunity to my child” or “Teacher, my child did not understand certain words” or “Teacher, I checked my child’s work”.

The teacher has to work extra hard as he presents the lesson to the student and his guardian, and finds difficulty in focusing on carrying out his task.

The sources urged parents to follow their children without interfering in the teacher’s work, highlighting the need to give the teacher an opportunity to present his lessons according to the set plan without confusing him.

On the other hand, a number of department heads of academic subjects called on the Ministry of Education to issue a clear circular or bulletin to exempt them from teaching and not to leave the matter in the hands of the school director, as there are those who exempt them from teaching and there are those who are waiting for clear instructions from the ministry.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Education and Higher Education, they said, “We are a group of department heads in the intermediate level who are suffering from unnatural pressure due to training and following up teachers and students during the distance learning process”

They explained that the head of a department, during a school day, is obliged to do the following:

٭Follow-up teacher’s readiness for the class (decide to exempt or not exempt them from attendance) about 15 minutes before the class begins.

٭Ensure that the class in the “Teams” program has started and that all students have entered the program.

٭Ensure there are no technical defects in the program, and intervene to solve them, if any.

٭Take the attendance from the teachers after ten minutes of the class, without distracting the teacher as the teacher must focus on giving the lesson. In this case, the head of the department enters the program, and takes the attendance himself. Delay in submitting the attendance to the administration will result in the head of the department being reprimanded and punished.

٭Follow up the preparation of lessons for each teacher (preparation, PowerPoint, assignment and application) all the days of the week and outside the official working hours.

They revealed that they use laptops and “TIMES” for remote follow-up, and the costs for the Internet and laptop are on their personal account.

The department heads highlighted the contradictory decisions between the ministry, instructors and school administration, as they do not know their rights but only their duties.

They indicated the lack of fairness in coordinating the distribution of female teachers among school districts, which results in a severe shortage in some school districts.

The department heads said, “A teacher’s workload is two classes or a quota in some subjects. And the head of the department is required to teach and do all of the above tasks while the teacher attends the school 15 minutes before the class begins and leaves school after the class ends. This means his work lasts only an hour or just a quarter of a day, while the head of the department works daily from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm to follow up. So, where is the justice? We ask you to exempt the department heads from teaching due to the large number of their duties. They represent the link between teachers, the management, instructors and the ministry in all of the above aspects”.

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