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PAM to help MOI to solve absconding cases of residence violators

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 3 With the aim of modifying the status of residence violators before the deadline at month end, the Public Authority of Manpower has stepped up its effort to solve absconding notices of thousands of employees which will help to prevent paying fines and modify their status.

The sources said that the PAM is keen to perform its role and procedure in following up with labor complaints including absconding reports filed to protect rights of the workers in the private sector while ensuring that they fulfill obligations towards the employers within the framework of the law and regulations governing the labor law.

Absconding cases prevent workers from adjusting the status of their residence, the worker/employee must submit a request by opening a complaint, after reviewing the conditions the Labor Relations Department approves the transfer. But if the complaint is not approved the absconding case will not be lifted without approval of the employer.

The source pointed out that submitting a complaint without the consent of the employer is available for the following categories:
The wife of a Kuwaiti and Gulf citizen, The spouses and children of a Kuwaiti and Gulf citizen, Palestinians who hold documents Those who have a court ruling annotated in the executive form, and when the worker is transferred from Article 18 (Private) to Article 22 (Family visa)  on condition that they have a family in Kuwait.

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