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PAM, MoI join hands to curb fake absconding reports on employees

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KUWAIT CITY, June 19: In a move aimed at curbing some sponsors from misusing the facility to file absconding reports, especially those filed maliciously against an employee, the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) is embarking on the path to eradicate such maliciously filed absconding reports in a bid to protect the labor rights of the employees and give them more options to transfer their residency before initiating the deportation procedures.

According to informed sources, the new measures will be submitted by PAM to coordinate with the Ministry of Interior during meetings to be held by the two parties in the coming period. Deportation will not be the inevitable result of an absconding report as per these measures. After an employer files an absconding report against his or her employee, investigation will be carried out to ascertain whether the worker is absent and is not complying with the work requirements or not.

The proposed procedure seeks to end the responsibility of the employer over the employee after filing the absconding report. He will not be able to take a decision to deport unilaterally; instead, PAM will directly engage with the employee in question. The sources said, “The employee will be able to transfer his residency to another employer; if he wants to”. They indicated that the procedure followed previously had authorized the suspension of the employees’ transactions in relation to renewing and transferring residency, and they may end up being deported because some sponsors use the excuse of “absconding” without giving them enough time to collect their dues. By Faris Al Abdan Al-Seyassah, Arab Times Staff

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