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PAM denies ‘5000 Egyptians are recruited to work in Kuwait every month’

KUWAIT CITY, July 17: For the sixth day in a row, there are popular and parliamentary reactions to the denial of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) to the news published by the Al-Rai daily last Thursday under the title ‘5000 Egyptians are recruited to work in Kuwait every month’ according to the official statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower through its directorate in Cairo, reports Al-Rai daily.

PAM denied the statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower saying its directorate in Cairo monthly receives 5,000 applications from people who want to work in Kuwait and everything is done in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Embassy in Cairo.

The denial of PAM raises the question: “Who we believe, the Kuwaiti Public Authority for Manpower or the Egyptian Ministry? Why did PAM wait for five days to issue an explanation and responded only after the popular parliamentary reaction?

The PAM’s statement said that the statistics are inaccurate and that they spare no efforts to communicate with all parties, whether media or otherwise, to provide data.

Al-Rai replied and said it did not publish the statistics, but has quoted an official statement issued by an Egyptian government agency and therefore the government should address its concerned counterpart in the country rather than issuing a belated and ambiguous clarification

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