PAHW uses ‘explosives’ to flatten several areas in Mutla

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Explosions achieved desired results

Explosives used to level an area in Mutla.

KUWAIT CITY, June 8: The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) used explosives to flatten several areas in Mutla area as a preliminary step for constructing the infrastructure of Mutla Residential City. This serves as a prelude to the launch of the project for establishment of the biggest city in Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to an official source from PAHW, the contractor of the infrastructure project has started using explosives for flattening some sections of the land in Mutla area under the supervision of Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior. The use of explosives to flatten some areas on the land came after the machineries on site were unable to dig through certain parts of the land due to its solidity”. The source affirmed that the initial explosions achieved the desired results in determining the required quantity to be used and the areas that need to be flattened.

He said, “Due to the solidity in some parts of the land located between the first and second contracts, the available machines were unable to flatten the area in order to create tunnels and roads, and to prepare for the infrastructure project”. The process was carried out under the direct supervision of the concerned agencies from Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior, as well as the engineering crew from the contractor company that is in charge of the project. The source indicated that the use of explosives will continue whenever needed. He added, “The rate of achievement in completion of the first stage of the contract has reached six percent. This includes the digging process and preparation for the infrastructure, as well as determining the paths of the roads that will link the residential blocks”.

This news has been read 6346 times!

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