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‘Over half subjected to violence’ – Corruption seen as main issue

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Dr. Fatima Alsalem

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 13: A study conducted by Dr Fatima Al-Salem at the Faculty of Social Sciences on the prevalence of violence against women in Kuwait revealed that more than half of the Kuwaiti society (men and women) is subjected to violence, reports Al-Rai daily.

“This is the first scientific study to address the issue of violence in this detail. It touched on the violence against women, its spread and causes, as well as solutions and shelter centers for victims and types of violence against women. It included a national sample representing all segments of society and the sample included 767 Kuwaitis and the questionnaire was conducted last July,” Al-Salem said.

“Only 25.4 percent of respondents believe that the issue of violence is an important issue, compared to 60.3 percent who believe that corruption is the main issue in Kuwait, followed by education, and healthcare,” she said.

She added only one fourth of the society believes that violence is an important and basic issue because the rest believe that there are some other more important issues.

As for the most widespread violence in Kuwait, Al Salem said: “The result was shocking for all because it was found that the most widespread violence is extortion and exploitation, especially the electronic crimes according to the opinion of more than 51 percent of the sample, followed by psychological 37 percent and verbal by 35 percent.”

According to the study, 51.2 percent of the respondents said they had experienced violence in their lives, and the most violent person was the partner (husband or fiancé) followed by the former partner.

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