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Some of those who describe themselves as intellectuals or literati especially the Gulf ones reject or take severe stances from our democracy, reaching sometimes to bitter irony, and I do not know who forced them or demanded to take a leaf from us?

A well-known Gulf political analyst, close to the authority, and one of the most critical of the democratic model in Kuwait says that the Kuwaiti experience is neither inspiring nor convincing.

Another well-known novelist whose opinions often fluctuate, says with irony that he thinks it is bitter that the people of Kuwait admit that their democracy, based on the Kuwaiti style, is incorrect and dispensable.

First of all, this is our democracy and we accept it despite our complete dissatisfaction with it. It is not offered to you to accept or reject it.

Second, why disapprove or ridicule about something called ‘Kuwaiti-style democracy’? Is America’s democracy, for example, not of the American style, which is completely different from the French or South African style?

It is natural for every country to have its own political system that is compatible with its desires, and it is often accepted. All the democracies of the world are not the same in anything, each of them has its own faults and advantages, and has put in place a basis to suit their lifestyle and psyche, so what is the defect in that?

Third: You, and others, are sensitive to some kind of our democracy which makes us distinct in your eyes, even as we sit with you in your homes and offices in your homelands, you are well aware of our distinction. The stranger who comes to us can in moments can identify the Kuwaiti from among nationals of other Gulf states, and this is something we are proud of, and we do not want to lose it.

If some of you are allergic to any kind of democracy, this does not mean that it is unfit for others. Whoever does not eat certain fruits, such as citrus fruits because they cause heartburn, this does not give him the right to refuse others who eat as a majority have no problems with citrus fruits, or democracy, so leave us alone and try to acknowledge the truth of your feelings and do not be the master’s voice.

Fourth: We are definitely not happy with our political situation, nor what is going on between the government and the National Assembly nor with the majority of our democratic outcomes but if we had been made to choose between living in Kuwait or any other country, our choice would have been Kuwait for it is the homeland and the last resort and it is enough that I can write this article and criticize my government and comment on its bad decisions and go home and put my head on my pillow and sleep happily without fear of a visitor at dawn or a call from an officer.

There are many rumors that fill the media about the reality of our conditions and the concerned authorities know who is behind the spread of these concerns about the security, economic and political situation in Kuwait but whoever loves and respects his country knows that we are able to overcome any ordeal we face by uniting, so our freedom is our fence, a matter which you can only find in two or three of our Arab countries.

Leave us alone, we are happy with our situation and we have great hope that we will surpass all our crises.

An African proverb says: Before you seek to develop and modify your society or your homeland, look inside your home three times.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 14350 times!

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