Orcas vs. yacht: The astonishing story of a 45-minute battle

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LOS ANGELES, Nov 8, (Agencies): Late last month, a startling incident unfolded in the Strait of Gibraltar as a group of orcas attacked a yacht. The yacht in question was sailing through the narrow passage connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and belonged to the tour company Morskie Mile.


In a Facebook post, the tour agency disclosed that the attack took place on Oct 31 and resulted in significant damage and leakage to their yacht. The orcas reportedly targeted the vessel’s steering fin for a relentless 45-minute duration.

Despite the strenuous efforts of the captain, crew, and multiple rescue teams, including the Search and Rescue (SAR) teams, port tugs, and the Moroccan Navy, the yacht ultimately sank near the entrance to the port of Tanger Med.

Fortunately, the agency conveyed that the crew members were unharmed and safe, having reached Spain. They are currently focused on ensuring that their upcoming cruises in the Canary Islands proceed without disruption.

In a poignant reflection on the incident, the tour company acknowledged the cherished memories they had created aboard the yacht, which they described as “the most wonderful thing in maritime sailing for all of us.” They emphasized the enduring friendships that had developed during their voyages, emphasizing the beauty of the various places they had explored in Europe and the Atlantic archipelagos, the training of sea stewards, and the discovery of Mediterranean culinary delights.

In closing, the post underlined the unwavering love for the sea and the lasting bonds that had been formed, underscoring the resilience of friendships amid challenging circumstances.

This news has been read 511 times!

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