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Opportunities wasted on banned 32 countries

KUWAIT CITY, Sep 12: The list of the 32 countries who have been banned from entering the country is still awaiting evaluation by the health authorities for review, informed sources confirmed that the entry of nationalities of the 32 countries (transit) to travel from a third country which is not listed into banned list after staying there for 14 days is still allowed, there has been no change in the requirements in this regard. 

The continuation of this ban from countries directly has been seen as wasting opportunities in reviewing much needed economy despite huge losses to the state treasury. The neighbouring countries were quick to take this opportunity on ban in Kuwait by attracting travelers from 32 countries with promotion of tourism offers for a period of more than two weeks even by providing medical examination for travelers.

The concerned authorities in Kuwait had previously prepared a special study in this regard to take advantage of these opportunities to rotate the wheel of economic life to normal in various commercial, medical, tourism and other sectors, taking into account all health requirements but it was not adopted.  

On the other hand, health sources revealed that there has been a decrease in intensive care cases from infection of coronavirus is matched by a decrease in the occupancy rate in public hospitals reports Al Rai. 

The Ministry of Health announced that the cases of intensive care cases have decreased to 94 in all health facilities that receive cases of infection, the sources indicated that about 65 percent of those cases receive the necessary care in Jaber Hospital.

 However, the health authorities emphasized on adhering to  precautionary measures such as social distancing, wearing a mask, frequent hand washing and other health instructions 

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