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Thursday , October 21 2021

One reckless act against homeland

WHAT one of the MPs in the Assembly of Musical Chairs did or did not do was a reckless act in every sense of the word.
He did not stand like all others in the audience who stood when the national anthem was played during a celebration. He remained seated playing with his mobile phone under the pretext that the fatwas of backward clerics forbid standing for the nation’s flag or for national peace, while they do not prevent tampering with the mobile phone!

This MP reminds us of another MP who was brought down by the people of his constituency because he did not excel during his tragic representation of our society; except in restricting the freedoms of all human beings who live on the land of Kuwait, which was riddled with his likes. We hope the current MP will meet the same fate as his colleague in intellectual and cultural backwardness.

I lived with the father of the seated MP in the 1992 Assembly. The father is a respected and wise person who did not fear the truth. This is the confusing matter about the seated MP. The question that arises against him is: Where did he get such a backward thought towards the homeland that gave him glory and honor, such that he rewarded it by not respecting national peace?!

I remember when I left the Ministry of Oil in 1994, I returned to the Public Prosecution chair. It was, or what I thought of, something that our nation’s Parliament was missing at the time and still is!! There has been no parliamentary Ethics Committee or Disciplinary Committee. On that day, I visited the ambassadors of the United States, Britain and France; asking them to provide me with laws pertaining to that committee in their parliaments, so they gave those laws to me. I then drafted a special law to establish that committee in the Kuwaiti National Assembly.

The draft law was discussed in the Legislative Committee. I remember the comment of an MP in that committee regarding the draft law. He said: “Your law, Mr. Ali, reminds us of the time when we were children in schools!” Then, the draft law was rejected and it has not seen the light up to this day!

If we only had such a committee in the Assembly of Musical Chairs, we would have demanded that the seated MP be punished; because there are citizens who would have demanded for high-level judicial and legal support that would have advised them to file complaints against the lawmaker at the Public Prosecution for insulting the State’s national anthem.

We hope this complaint will see the light even if it is obstructed under the pretext of not lifting the parliamentary immunity of the seated MP. Raising a complaint and causing an uproar in society over the shameful behavior of the MP are enough for his likes to learn a lesson they will not forget about the need to respect the national symbols of Kuwait.

A piece of news says: “His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Governor of Riyadh, expels some of those sitting in the front rows stating: ‘He who does not respect the homeland has no seat in the celebration of its patronage,’ because they did not stand when the Saudi national anthem was played.”
We are proud of and envy our brothers in Saudi Arabia for their decisive leaders, while we lament about our plight as our leaders keep on watching our afflictions!


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

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