One Amir, not 50

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GIVEN that action speaks louder than words, the speech of His Highness the Amir addressing His Highness the Crown Prince, Speaker of the National Assembly, and His Highness the Prime Minister was clear and frank in terms of their need to work for advancing the country.
HIS Highness the Amir’s words – “People want things to be in the interest of their country” – should be something that everyone should realize, especially those in the highest positions of responsibility, so that people will start believing that the difficult days are gone for good.
In the past years, people felt like there were 50 amirs in the National Assembly, that each one of them had his own group and followers, and that he alone was “the mover and shaker” or else an interpellation would be brandished to terrify the Cabinet and its leader.

The words of His Highness the Amir are clear in terms of assuming responsibilities today, in addition to His Highness our Crown Prince being the main pillar of leadership, assisted by Speaker of the National Assembly and His Highness the Prime Minister who must be at the level of great trust that their Highness the Amir has placed in them.
The picture will not be clearer than what it is in terms of what the National Assembly and the ministers must work on to restore Kuwait to its open nature and its prosperity, particularly its pioneering role when it was the “beacon of the Gulf” culturally and socially. The most prominent example is of it being the moderator of the Gulf and Arabs. Hence the great task falling on the shoulders of these three requires doubled efforts in seeking to get the country out of what can be called “parliamentary bullying” of the government.

There are many priorities that concern the people, the first of which is the fight against corruption, which has caused many harms both externally and internally, in addition to the articulated economic challenges that require transcendence of personal interests in order to stimulate investment both externally and internally, and to work seriously to diversify sources of income and not rely on oil, especially after everyone discovered its dire consequences sparked by the negative repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposed the weaknesses in this field.
On the other hand, His Highness the Crown Prince drew the general guidelines based on which the two authorities should work, as he said to His Highness the Amir that, “All of them follow the instructions of Your Highness that I have drawn for them, restricting them to the constitution and law, justice and equality to gradually purge all corruption in the country while preserving people’s rights and with judicial and security principles”.
According to this criterion, it has become the duty of the executive authority not to be afraid of being blamed for the truth, as it strives to achieve it.

Based on this fact, we do not exaggerate if we say that the two authorities – if they agree to cooperate under the directives of His Highness the Crown Prince, who is the first trustee of the country after His Highness the Amir – can achieve all the hopes that Kuwaitis aspire to, and they can accomplish what some see as impossible, provided that they have sincere intentions.
Also, the MPs and the Cabinet should rise above the arguments in order for Kuwait to return to being the pearl of the Gulf, or rather the jewel of the Arabs

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 17147 times!

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