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Old visa not cancelled from the system – New visa cannot be issued

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This is with regards to the above attached complaint no. 2982 registered at Indian Embassy office Kuwait on 24th September, 2019.

I was recruited from India by a Kuwaiti for a job of sales executive on a salary of KD 450 per month. I arrived in Kuwait on 7th June, 2019 and got my medical and finger-print done in Kuwait and all the documents were collected by the mandoob of the Kuwaiti. Thereafter the Kuwaiti did not give me a promised job and also could not stamp my residence since his Company License (Ruksa) had expired. After several follow-ups he asked for KD 350 to complete my residence stamping. He kept calling several times for more money and since I did not have a job, I had to arrange money from friends and family to pay him. I managed to arrange KD 200 and gave it to him on 6th August, 2019 (Tuesday) in Salmiya and he promised to proceed with stamping.

Since 9th August, 2019 was Eid holiday, he promised to complete the process after 2 days. I called on the 8th August, 2019 (Thursday) to know the status. His statement was “ It’s Eid week, everything is closed, next week we will do it” but he never completed the stamping process and I just kept calling / following up in vain.

With no response, I filed a complaint at the Indian Embassy office on the 24th Sept and some two gentlemen helped me in getting my original passport and visa from his office. They were really helpful and cooperative. The Kuwaiti committed to pay the penalty when the Embassy called him.

Since I had come to the Embassy office to collect my original passport and visa the Kuwaiti spoke to my family member and said that “Friend I don’t have money to pay the penalty” I will pay you by the 30th of October. “There was no response from him after that. My friend paid the penalty KD 176 online. This has not been paid back as promised by the Kuwaiti.

Since I am the only bread winner of my family, I kept trying for other companies and got selected but since he was not completing the stamping of residence, the new company requested me to exit and come back on a new visa (I agreed and left Kuwait on the 4th of November).

Now the new company is requesting me to join but the problem is that the old visa must be first cancelled in the Shoun system in order for the new company to issue new visa.

I am requesting you to please help me by cancelling the old visa in the system so that new visa can be issued and I can join the new company and take care of my children’s future. The Embassy official has also been following up for cancelling the visa in the system as the Kuwaiti informed him that he has cancelled in the system and requested him not to call him back on the issue. But he still has not cancelled the visa in the system and not returned my money to me.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about your plight as we are not clothed with the powers to do what you are asking us to do. Indeed your Embassy is in a better position to take up your case, look for your former sponsor and compell him to do the needful by working to make sure that your old visa is removed from the system.

Your new sponsors can also play a part by speaking to the Kuwaiti and impressing on him to work to remove the visa from the system.

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