Oh Nasrallah, punishment on the way

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE dust of ungodly screams poured out from Hassan Nasrallah in the face of protesters at public squares against the Iranian-backed government has disappeared. His empty threats against the ministers, warning them against resignation, have been dispersed.

Based on his shameless utterances, the people of Lebanon in its entirety responded with more anger and gathered in the squares in clear objection to the continuation of Iranian agent controlling the decisions of the republic, especially the Lebanese people from regions known as strongholds of the “Inadvertent Hezb” where he and his principal in the Mulla capital hide.

The knife has reached the vein of all factions and segments of the Lebanese society who have rejected any speech that does not take into consideration the outcry and demand of the protesters to depose the worn-out regime completely.

It is not just about changing the composition of the government that is held hostage by “Al-Oun-Hezbollah Bloc”, as well as others like them in the use of weapon to intimidate or entice people to the regime, which ruled for 75 years in the life of Lebanon, that consider the country as a dairy cow by controlling its resources.

In contrast, it is high time the control of Hezbollah faced the real challenge, especially after the ministers called the bluff of Nasrallah and his empty threats by announcing their resignation from the government. Is he capable of sending his agents after them?

Absolutely, the Mulla-made personality will not attempt that kind of a suicidal step, because that will amount to digging the grave of his party and the covenant that he has been protecting with his own hands. The people of Lebanon will transform their anger over the prevailing living conditions into a bloody revolution that will uproot him, and he is likely to understand this very well.

The only thing Nasrallah did not prepare for is that, in a matter of days, he will be the first target of the protesters in all squares of Lebanon. This is after unmasking him with clear evidence that he is directly complicit in the looting, plundering, destruction and killing caused by the hardship choking Lebanon and its citizens so much that they were pushed to the streets.

Lately, Nasrallah revealed in his deceptive speech his ugly political face that he had been hiding under the mask of resistance when in reality he and his party have been the real accomplices in the game of interests, sharing and looting of the commonwealth. It is now very clear how he has been using the three leaders as a front through which he achieved his objectives even at the expense of the nation and citizens.

What Nasrallah, as well as other politicians who still believe they can handle the public fury to get about two million Lebanese people away from the streets, fail to understand is that the protesters are disobedient to all of them without exception. They will not stop with the resignation of ministers from one party or another, but their chief and basic demand is to ensure refund of public funds running into $260 billion looted over 26 years. No party or faction is free of this organized looting, directly or indirectly.

The attempt to use chaos and weapon as threat peculiar to Hezbollah will not help Nasrallah this time around. It is evident that flashes of avoiding confrontation with people have begun from various political blocs that participated in destroying the state institutions. More importantly, the people in the streets are far ahead of politicians, as they no longer accept hypnotizing pledges, knowing full well that all the political blocs, from the far right to the far left, are hostages to Hezbollah and they can’t stick to any decision taken.

Lebanon is today at the crossroads, so it either gets out of the tunnel into which it was pushed by the Iranian adventurers in the region who made it their backyard garden in return for giving corrupt people free hand in looting the public funds at will, or the country will collapse on their heads when it will be useless to cry over the spilled milk.

However, it is evident from the scenario of the Lebanese squares that the citizens are well-informed and will not allow the country to collapse. Also, they will not let the officials escape punishment for putting them where they are now. It is then that Nasrallah will see with his naked eyes what he has caused himself and his party with Iran as the backer.

What is happening in Lebanon now is not the verge of death as the ruling class wants people to believe, but the outcry of a new-born Lebanon that has been delayed since 1943 … Lebanon that is free from the loathsome sectarian grip to the national sky where all Arabs will ensure that it remains beacon of the East.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 19284 times!

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