Oh Arabs, Israel’s death is in making peace with it

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DURING the visit of former president of Egypt Anwar Sadat to Tel-Aviv (Israel), an Israeli journalist met him at the hotel where he was staying and asked him: “What do you want from this visit?”

President Sadat responded, “Look through the window to that battle tank where the soldiers guarding this hotel are. From this visit, I want that soldier inside the tank to come on foot and greet me.”

At the time, the Arab world was furiously condemning the historic visit considering the conditions in the region then. It was also the time Sadat realized that Israel’s death is in making peace with it. Therefore, Israel will never initiate peace. Instead, peace should be imposed on it.

In the late 19th century, the World Zionist Congress started working towards the establishment of a Zionist state in Palestine. Zionist Organization Leader Theodor Herzl made an offer to Ottoman’s Sultan Abdul-Hameed Al-Thani to establish the Zionist State.

This offer included financial grants and review of Europe’s position against the empire. Sultan Al-Thani turned down the offer at a time his empire was gasping its last breath. It was followed by the Balfour Declaration in 1917 amid the First World War when the World Zionists played a damaging role against the Ottomans.

At the end of the Second World War, the decision made by the United Nations concurred with the Zionists’ desires, under pressure from anti-Nazi rhetoric and victors imposing their will.

Since Europe wanted to expiate their sins by granting the land of Palestine to the Jews and the Arab world was under the colonial iron rod of British and French; the United Nations issued 181 resolutions in 1947, calling for division of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states.

The condition of the Arab world then was not much different from its current condition in terms of stances — this supports the French and that supports the British. All of them are preoccupied with reorganization of internal conditions and power struggle.

For instance, Egypt was blazing due to the conflict between the Palace and opposition which accused Egypt’s King Farouq and his administration of corruption. Hence, the king found a golden opportunity to divert the attention of his people towards the Palestine issue through the war with Israel.

This stance was not for the liberation of Palestine. It was to divert attention from him. As Iraqi soldiers marched to Palestine, they returned without firing a single shot. When their leaders were asked about the reason, they said: “They did not receive orders.”

Only King Abdulaziz Al Saud sent a group of soldiers to fight. At the same time, he made his famous advice to Arab leaders: “Leave the Palestinians to defend their country alone and support them. Do not intervene in the war so the world does not stand against you.” However, the calculation of internal political games gave hope to the Arab leaders.

After that, the first Arab-Israeli war erupted. Through this war, the so-called ‘bad weapons scandal’ in Egypt unfolded. It was used as slogan which brought about the coup in 1952.

This was followed by the dictatorship of Jamal Abdul-Nasser who stood on the rhetoric of throwing the Jews into the sea; whereas during his reign, Egypt lost two wars — the first of which was in 1956. If it were not for the intervention of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower who ordered withdrawal of British, French and Israeli forces; it would have been the second Arab defeat.

Since that time, Arabs went through several coups under the rhetoric of ‘fighting corruption’, while those who took over the rule became corrupt. No one refers a single person to the court on corruption charges, as if the corruption they are singing about is just a ghost that no one can see.

The Israeli leaders realized in 1956 that the United States of America is the real major power in the world, so they turned their backs to Europe and allied with Washington. They established the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). They also infiltrated the State domains and banks with direct support from the Rothschild family.

Once again, the Arabs lost their opportunity. Instead of fortifying themselves internally and unifying their position, they drowned themselves in power struggles and zealous melodious slogans until they lost all their wars apart from the one in 1973. The US, Britain and Soviet exerted tremendous efforts to ensure the Arabs will not invest in that victory.

Since 1947 up to this day, we have gone through many Arab-Israeli conflicts. Throughout these conflicts, Sadat’s theory continued to be proven true in terms of preventing the Israeli expansion by making peace with it.

This means working on nullification of the theory presented by former Israel prime minister Levi Eshkol who said: “We will engage in war with the Arabs every 10 years. We will occupy new land so they can forget what we put our hands on in the past.”

Before 1967, Arabs called for liberation of the entire Palestine. After the six-day war, their demands were limited to return to the June 4 border demarcation. Today, their demand is to maintain areas populated by Palestinians.

Very soon, the population of Arabs will hit 400 million and the number of Palestinians will be 14 million; while Jews around the world are not more than 13 million — eight million of them are in Israel.

Therefore, Israel’s existence is due to its relations with major countries and exploits on the sentiments of being a minority surrounded by aggressors. In order to guarantee its survival, it will continue to wage wars and destabilize Arab world security.

By making peace, Israel will be restrained and it will never resist Palestine’s natural reproduction rate.

Today, some are still operating based on the old Arab mentality by bargaining at the expense of other Arabs.

Among them are those who have established secret or public relations with Israel while accusing others of making concessions. Those trading with the Palestinian issue like Hamas, Iran and their kind are portraying themselves to the world as if the button of peace and war in Palestine is under their control. In reality, such groups and entities are investing in the blood of Palestinians to serve their personal interests.

It is time for all Arabs, especially the Palestinians, to realize that only peace can kill Israel.

They should also realize that Palestine will never return unless ‘Salah Al-Deen’ returns and Egypt unites with the Levant. By then, the Jews will go the same way the Crusaders went after 150 years of occupying Jerusalem … and thank you.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 10659 times!

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