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Thursday , October 6 2022

O Your Highness, strike with your authority to do justice to Farah and her companions

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THE terrible murder of the young lady Farah Hamza Akbar shook the entire Kuwait due to its gruesomeness and timing. The perpetrator chose one of the holiest days of the month to commit his heinous act.

The overwhelming grief can not compensate the victim’s family. The only consolation for her, and us all, is for justice to be served in a manner that will teach a lesson to anyone who thinks he can commit a felony undeterred. May that be a catalyst for the concerned state agencies to perform their duty in curbing crime, the rate of which has increased in the recent period amid the complacency of security agencies and prevalent indifference in the country.

Indeed, any punishment imposed on the perpetrator will not restore Farah’s soul. The questions we want to ask are – Couldn’t this crime be prevented a long time ago? Couldn’t it have been avoided by closing all legal loopholes and eliminating the devil of mediation (wasta) that strikes hard on all institutions?

“Wasta” has become a powerful authority that cannot be curbed by toying on tribal, family and sectarian loyalties, as if Kuwait is a jungle and not a state of law and institutions. There is no doubt that the victim whom we consider as a martyr today is with the Most High. However, the overwhelming public anger should constitute a strong impetus to work on stopping such daily bloody series. Hardly a day passes without hearing about a stabbing incident or a murder and other such major offenses. The argument is that the laws are not sufficient to deter these reprehensible acts.

Therefore, if the concerned institutions are unable to amend legislation, then the only option we have is for our top leadership – the head of all authorities – to strike firmly in order to give these laws claws and fangs, especially since the National Assembly and the government are preoccupied with their Don Quixote conflict.

The parliament and its MPs did not pay attention to endorsing laws that they were elected to work on. The ministers did not honor the oath they took to implement them. If there were no shortcomings in the legislative aspect, the Public Prosecutor would have been able to protect this woman. Despite this, there are many measures taken by the institutions entrusted with maintaining security, starting with handling every report seriously and with great importance irrespective of how trivial it may seem in the eyes of its employees.

Such measures should extend to monitoring the suspects with electronic bracelets. Those who have files at the psychiatric hospital – something that has unfortunately become an easy excuse used by the suspects and criminals these days for impunity – should be placed in the hospital and not allowed to run free on the streets of the country and assault the public while claiming insanity.

Undoubtedly, the people will feel reassured if ruling is issued against the perpetrator, and it is enforced without hesitation. However, what would really calm the horror of the people of both genders is the modernization of the legislation that protects women.

The number of cases of violence against women, especially with the reports about the number of murdered women, is a stain on the face of the Kuwaiti society. This society was raised on the culture of openness, dialogue and tolerance … not on killing and indecency or the behavior of assaulting people just because of “staring”, or because an imbecile seeks to harm people at will.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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