O leadership … We live in an intellectual drought and lack of decisions

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ONE of the reasons mentioned by Abdul Rahman bin Khaldun in his book “Muqaddimah” (Prolegomena) regarding the fall of states is the spread of rumors and the lack of refutations of such rumors by officials Based on the popular proverb – Where there is smoke, there is fire – if any rumor in Kuwait is not refuted early enough, it indicates that there is some truth in it. This leads to confusion among people and raises their fears. Today, the press and social media are full of news about a Cabinet reshuffle.

Ahmad-jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

There are also hints about the resignation of His Highness the Prime Minister, and even that the entire weak government is on its way out. Unfortunately, leaving these rumors without clarification or refutation will lead to bad consequences. In all countries of the world, when a president of a republic disagrees with a prime minister or a minister, the mainstream press usually publishes about it, and there are responses from both sides with an explanation and refutation of the positions. This is due to the fact that those involved are concerned with public affairs, and their disagreement is not over a personal matter, but rather over the work method that concerns people.

In some countries, the decision is taken immediately – to either resign or dismiss and appoint a replacement. Public affairs do not tolerate vacuum, and an official cannot abstain from performing a task, irrespective of the reasons. Indifference to what is published in the media and social media has resulted in crises. In many countries, it has led to destabilization, social strife and bloodshed. That is why many countries are doing their best to fight rumors, and to reveal the truth behind things transparently. In this regard, I watched on television a symposium that was held a few days ago in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the impact of letting rumors play out in society.

During the symposium, there was a detailed explanation of the negatives and bad consequences. It was stressed that the best way to stop rumors is to clarify the matter so that people do not believe false news that incite sedition and turmoil. As for remaining silent about it, this means making room for more confusion. In Kuwait, these rumors coincide with the absence of governmental and legislative production, and it seems that everything in the country is suspended, to the extent that fleeing from it to neighboring countries for the sake of recreation has become a habit.

Is it reasonable, for example, that during the New Year’s holiday, which does not exceed three days, there are more than 138,000 travelers abroad? Because the government, instead of working to open the country, is still listening to those with intellectual drought who impose their backward visions on it? The country’s crisis is not only indifference and submission to some forces of social and parliamentary pressure, but also in the decision. When the government announces that about 8,000 police officers have been allocated to combat the so-called negative phenomena in New Year’s celebrations, the number of those who will flee abroad will be more than the above mentioned number, and the country will be desolate.

Yes, Kuwait needs an iron hand, a firm decision, and transparency with regard to government affairs in order to cut off rumors, and start treating political, economic, and social diseases that have become an existential threat to our society.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
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Email: [email protected]

This news has been read 30248 times!

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