O leadership … We don’t want recurrence of Abu Abdallah Muhammad XII’s scene

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WHAT is left of the constitutional institutions if the entire government only exists as a caretaker, while the National Assembly is closed, rather, it does not carry out its constitutional duties due to the skirmishes and vilification that have prevailed for years?

Even if the Assembly decides to convene, it does so either to pass an agreed-upon bill, in which the parliamentarians will have the lion’s share, or for the sake of a paid interpellation, or for making deals at night at the back of the interpellated minister.

Is it possible in this situation to fortify the State and protect its national security? Do those concerned see that this could push the other parties to acquiesce, pursuant to the popular proverb: “Never argue with a fool, you might not know the difference”?

It is necessary to disclose and speak frankly: Failed states are those whose institutions are disrupted by personal disputes, when the constitution turns into a mere ‘decoration’, not the mother of laws that organize society, through which the ruler imposes on everyone to walk cautiously.

This is due to the principle of governance being based on the fact that there is no vacuum in institutions; so any of them, if disrupted for any reason, have others that could work. If they are paralyzed as a result of political conflicts, then the head of the State is assisted by a team of specialists with experience and good opinion who manage constitutional facilities, and even operational and development projects.

In the 1980s, was there not a committee for major projects supervised by HH the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad? If the committee depended on ministries, institutions and the backward documentary cycle; the projects would have been implemented in the 25th century, not during its time.

Today, nothing works in the State; and projects are either suspended or transformed into the cave of ‘Ali Baba and the Thousand Thieves’, while development has become a rare achievement.

Every day, dozens of lawsuits are filed against corrupt people and thieves of public money, or those who violate the rights of others as a result of job appointments cooked on the fire of electoral interests and deals, and the principle of ‘this is our son’ that enters an institution just to turn it up and down.

For those concerned with the matter, the State suffers because of this frightening vacuum, as if everyone has resigned from their responsibilities. No one wants to play their role, while Kuwait is left wandering. No one knows the reason for this deliberate obstruction. No one reached out to the people to explain the causes of paralysis and suggest treatment.

For institutions that remain ineffective, they are plundering the corruption that gnaws at the pillars of the State as a whole. There is no decision by which the people can know their fate. This means deliberately undermining the State and opening its doors to the winds of poisons from all directions. So, will those in control of the matter understand the meaning of that?

In this situation, the people of wit and insight must move and exercise their powers firmly and forcefully; so we do not reach a day when history recalls the scene of Abu Abdullah Al-Saghir (Abu Abdallah Muhammad XII) and his last sigh on the rock of Spain. When his mother saw his tears, she said to him: “Cry like a woman for the kingdom which you could not defend as a man.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 44200 times!

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