O leadership … Our governments do not know the path

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PEOPLE have the right to ask – Why has the country reached this path? What are the reasons? What are the solutions?

It is the duty of officials to answer these questions clearly and unequivocally, especially when things reach unbearable levels in terms of livelihood, and the salary becomes insufficient for them until the end of the month. This matter needs a quick move due to people’s anger, and the groaning in their stomachs.

When the inflation rate rises, countries look for solutions that protect people from the worst of needs. Social security is the responsibility of the authorities, and their duty is to maintain it. They must work to ensure the well-being of the people and their livelihood. It is their responsibility to seek to maintain security and to carry out their duties.

In all countries of the world, taxes are imposed on the rich and wealthy during crises, and the state supports the needy with the aim, in the first place, to preserve its interests at the expense of its own people.

Unfortunately, this is what the successive governments in Kuwait have been doing, in addition to their submission to a backward extremist current that sees the world through the eye of the needle of its ideas taken from the caves of the Middle Ages.

That is why governments seek the help of sedatives and stumble over the decision due to the fact that it has lost direction and do not know the path to build a strong, capable and just state.

There are many problems that Kuwaitis suffer from. The solutions remain fragmented, taking into account stakeholders and influence. The most prominent of these problems is the housing crisis, for which the state only has to work according to the method used in neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

In those countries, the companies – local or foreign – build the infrastructure of cities and housing. Installments are paid over twenty, thirty or forty years, and it is according to specific specifications. This is unlike the practice in Kuwait, where a citizen waits 20 or 25 years to get the land and the loan, and then builds ugly concrete blocks.

In this regard, we cannot ignore the most painful crisis for a wide segment of Kuwaitis, which is the loans crisis. Successive governments did not notice that the crises since the invasion until today as well as the difficult exceptional circumstances had led many people to take loans from moneylenders and other loan sharks. Because of the insufficient income, they found themselves stumbling.

As for the successive governments, they were on the side of the usurers and the loan sharks, and they did not do justice to the citizens, so they did not delay the loans or waive them, nor did they waive the interest. We reiterate that we are not talking about the debts of banks or the loan of the credit bank, but rather about those who suck the blood of people and throw them in prison.

The people’s demands are simple if there is a clear vision of what can be offered to the people. However, when the members of the executive authority live in ivory towers and none of them think about the people as if they are “over-stretched”, and when the country is closed in this way, then the crises will increase and the matter will become a random mess.

The decision-makers must ponder on this fact, otherwise, irrespective of the form of governments, if they do not have a clear plan to solve these crises, the situation will continue to go from bad to worse. The state needs a firm decision, and must move away from “favoritism” because this policy proved fruitless and brought many problems to Kuwait.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 36249 times!

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