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TWO national occasions – the National Day and the Liberation Day – stimulate achievement and development, and most importantly, more awareness of what can be presented to the homeland.

However, these two occasions turned into chaos, or rather an expression of protest, and were limited to spraying and wasting water. All meanings of independence or liberation were absent from them.

When the celebration of these two holidays takes place in this manner, there is a defect that must be addressed.

Before the liberation, the National Day was an occasion to reveal the achievements in the public and private sectors. However, after the liberation, which should have turned into pride in steadfastness, heroism, achievement and awareness, the celebrations have become mere gatherings on the Gulf Street where more than 20 million tons of water are wasted every year.

This happens in one of the poorest countries in the world in terms of water. This means that the people in Kuwait have lost all sources of joy, which have been closed to them, and they express their protest through this bad act.

It is worth examining the causes of this great social and national transformation, and addressing the only reason that led to the exacerbation of a problem of this kind, as when governments submit to a puritanical point of view and enact laws and decisions that restrict freedom, drugs become widespread, chaos prevails, and national concepts and values change.

When any minister submits and responds quickly to a call from an MP who demands the removal of an indecent image from a large commercial complex or a statement from another who demands the closure of a health club for women, then the democracy that Kuwaitis brags about falls into the trap of the students of Kandahar School – Tora Bora and other sectarian militias – Shiite or Sunni. Only then should everyone touch their necks.

This is due to the fact that those who seek to impose their will on society in this way will not hesitate to do anything. Kuwait has suffered a lot from their breach of security, but it seems that no one has learned from this harsh lesson, and no one will learn as long as things continue in this manner.

Look at the competencies and wealth that migrated from Kuwait to neighboring countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, especially in the latter which has become a hub of development and progress.

In its latest civilizational achievement, the legal concept of the drinker was categorized between a drunkard and a mere drinker.

On the other hand, what did Kuwait do? Its backwardness has increased. Even places of entertainment have been closed. The country has also been closed except for those bearded and short-dressed. A woman under fifty years of age must have a “Mahram” (close relative). All this leaves many negative impacts on society, and increases acts in violation of the law.

What happened in the past few days has unfortunately been with us for years, but no one thinks about it. This is because when the state works with the underdeveloped current in the same principle of “all is well as long as you are on my good side” without any doubt, the rest of the negatives and disasters will be overlooked.

The true meanings must be restored to these two national occasions so that Kuwait will be truly independent from the filth of corruption, and liberated from the backward people who persevere in harming its people.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 40529 times!

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