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‘Number of expat workforce increases by over 48,000’ – Kuwaitis constitute 18.1pc of total manpower

About 40,000 worshippers throng Grand Mosque Wednesday to spend the 27th Night of Ramadan in prayer and supplication amid tight security measures in and around the mosque.

KUWAIT CITY, June 22: Kuwaitis constitute 18.1 percent of the total manpower of 1,955,479 individuals. The number of expatriate manpower has increased by more than 48,000 compared to same time last year, which is an annual increase rate of 3.1 percent, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to the report of the first quarter until March 31 issued by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) concerning the labor market, the total manpower, including the family sector (domestic labor), reached 2,628,113, with an increase of 63,598 individuals. This represents an annual rate of 2.5 compared to the numbers recorded in March 2016.

The total manpower excluding the family sector is 1,955,479, which represents an annual growth rate of 2.8 percent compared to same time last year. The report indicated that the national manpower has increased from 349,044 to 353,604, which represent an increase of 4,560 individuals and a growth rate of 1.3 percent. With that, the total Kuwaiti manpower constitutes 18.1 percent.

On the other hand, the non- Kuwaiti manpower has increased from 1,553,357 to 1,601,875. This is an increase of 48,518 individuals and an annual growth rate of 3.1 percent. The report explained that the private sector occupies almost half of the labor market, with current rate of 59.7 percent compared to 59.5 percent — the rate recorded at the same time last year. The Kuwaiti employees constitute 4.5 percent of the total manpower of the private sector. As usual, the public sector has a very high percentage of national manpower — 80.1 percent.

The national manpower there increased to 283,352 from 277,495 recorded in 2016 and 2017. This is an increase rate of about 2.1 percent.

Meanwhile, the Indian nationalities, excluding those working in the family sector, constitute the highest number of manpower, with an increase of 46,039 individuals compared to same time last year. This represents an increase from 498,906 to 544,945 individuals, and a growth rate of 9.2 percent.

In second place are the Egyptians with a total manpower of 449,590 individuals by March 2017. This represents an increase by one percent compared to same time last year.

However, there is a slight decrease of Egyptian manpower in the family sector (domestic workers). Last year, the Egyptian manpower in this sector constituted 25.8 percent but it has reduced to 25.6 percent this year.

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