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‘Nothing bodes well for home’

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Al-Qabas has been addressing the most complex and most dangerous issues through editorials, the latest of which was published last Thursday warning that what is being said ‘today’ in the diwaniyas and private meetings about the situation of the state that the country is moving towards the unknown, has no plan or a comprehensive national project.

This is something unprecedented as we look at it and everyone agrees with one voice.

All this is a result of the poor performances of the successive governments as a result of which Kuwait has lost its identity.

The government apparatus suffers from a vacuum because most ministries are currently running without undersecretaries or their assistants in addition to more than 160 senior vacant positions waiting to be filled as a result of which we have reached the dead end that has crippled life and deprived the development of the state.

With our agreement in the spirit of the editorials, and the urgency to fill senior positions, the greatest danger lies in the way the appointments will be made.

Our governments, over the past thirty years, have been looking for holders of Doctorate and Master’s degrees to fill these vacancies only to be proven subsequently that a high percentage of these degrees are worth a piece of paper because they lack accreditation and many holders of such degrees are still holding on to their jobs.

Senior positions are also filled on the basis of seniority, which often does not guarantee that a senior is better than the junior but was chosen over others based on political compromises, which is more common or as a result of pressure from parliamentarians and here lies the problem.

Few parliamentarians who respect themselves do not interfere in appointments, but a majority of them who entered the Parliament on the strength of tribal or sectarian votes or those supported by religious parties will not hesitate to demand the appointment of those affiliated to them, regardless of their competence, and in such cases, it is impossible to achieve any progress or development.

Accordingly, we need an administrative and moral revolution and only those who pass the test should be considered for the jobs and this cannot be done without an agreed upon moral system, away from the agendas of the centers of power.

The other basic national problem that must be addressed immediately is related to the penetration of religious parties into various state establishments. It is absolutely impossible to make any kind of real progress such as the progress made by our sisterly countries without doing away with representatives of fundamentalist forces from decision-making process.

The penetration of representatives of these parties into the decision-making centers who are less educated but wealthy have put obstacles to qualitative educational or economic progress. How can, for example, we put in place a successful policy of privatization and a fair distribution of wealth if matters are managed through fatwas prohibiting subscription in the name of certain companies?

The economic progress we desire, the reform of the education system that we desire, the desire to keep pace with the times, the yearning to open up to the world, the longing to catch up with other countries, the longing for the return of our victories in equestrianism, football, theater and other innovations, and many more, require curbing the increasing influences of backward forces.

They have no interest other than tickling the emotions of those who have elected them and no more, no less. Restoring sporting glories is not one of their concerns, liberating the economy from its rentier nature is not their concern, developing education does not concern them, and the decline of the state’s level in various global indicators, and the decline in its credit rating does not mean anything to them.

Their concerns are limited to banning non-Islamic advertisements, non-religious headscarves, women’s exposed arms, and mixing it with sports.

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By Ahmad alsarraf