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Not a boycott … but a cover for terrorism

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

The nine parliamentarians of the same social fiber that boycotted the parliamentary session in protest against a judicial verdict clearly do not recognize the fundamental constitutional principle upon which our country stands, which is Separation of Authorities. Apparently, they are insinuating the judiciary is not independent, and they had to show people the relationship between their irrational protest and the judiciary verdict is unrelated to the legislative authority.

The action of the nine MPs defeated the entity and the social unity enshrined in the constitution which stipulates that citizens should be dealt with equally. There is no justification for the stance they adopted other than endeavoring to destabilize the national unity and blackmailing the State to achieve suspicious objectives.

They are like juveniles and they have no idea that their actions are synonymous with political suicide. We are not exaggerating by saying those who boycotted the parliamentary session are the representatives of people and their action indirectly implied that the activities of “Abdali Cell” were merely a difference of opinion and not high treason.

Obviously, the MPs are implying the Abdali Cell had no intention of inciting sectarian sedition. They suppose the group were not planning to turn Kuwait into a second Iraq after the triumph over two difficult ordeals in the last quarter of last century and averting the furnace of chaos where sectarian killings thrive.

The two difficult tests involved the national resistance against the Iraqi aggression where the blood of Kuwaitis from every social fiber was shed in the name of liberating the motherland. The second test involved the aftermath of Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque bombing when all Kuwaitis stood together in solidarityÑnot only to denounce and condemn the crime but thwarted the plans of those who tried to divide the country and incite chaos, as Kuwaitis (Sunnis and Shiites; urbanites and nomads) observed the “Salat of unity”.

According to what is being said, some people did not identify the concept behind it or could it be that some understood the act as thwarting attempts by different destructive groups to destabilize Kuwait? It is also a crime against the nation which is no lesser than high treason if that is the case!

It is really sad that someone would claim historical injustice in the practice of political and ethical blackmail unless the person embraces militia ideology that took a country like Lebanon by storm and dragged her into the dungeons of Iranian interests, and rendered her a failed state. The nine MPs who are supposed to be representatives of the people have erred in comparison and evaluation, as Kuwait is not Lebanon or Iraq. Kuwait is more firm and strong, and the sectarian tendency found in Lebanon and Iraq does not exist here.

The nine MPs should remember that those who elected them were Sunnis before Shiites and nomads before urbanites and they are expected to enact laws and monitor the performance of Government in its executive duties.

Indeed, if your moves aimed to satisfy the electorate Ñ as insinuated, then you are all wrong, because those who voted for you are the same people that brought forth children and grandchildren who fought and sacrificed their lives to defend the nation and the motherland, and I do not think they will accept any suspicious moves by the representatives to harm the country and cover up traitors.

Wretched is their attempt to flee from reality that is not discredited by a handful of political adventurists if the boycott intended to resist acknowledging Kuwait’s unlimited solidarity and support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against the Iranian aggression.

Go back to history; go back to 1990 when Iranian regime was bargaining its position on the Iraqi aggression against Kuwait like bandits, while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened its wide doors to Kuwait without discrimination. It was from Saudi Arabia the liberation move was launched, paving the way for you to be where you are today. Are you ungrateful for all that?

You have wronged your people to the highest degree, just as you have wronged the nation and the constitution. In fact, you are striving to awaken the ‘sleeping sedition’, and cursed is the one who tries to wake it up.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor in-chief, the Arab Times

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