Non-Kuwaitis hold key positions amidst high Kuwaiti unemployment

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Calls for Kuwaitization in Civil Service Council office to fulfill 100% replacement mandate

The Civil Service Commission office.

KUWAIT CITY, June 11: According to statements provided to Al-Anbaa by informed sources, a significant number of non-Kuwaiti individuals are currently employed in various roles such as accounting, administrative support, printing, and services. Interestingly, these roles are also sought after by thousands of Kuwaiti citizens awaiting employment opportunities.

For instance, within the management of the Civil Service Commission office, several non-Kuwaiti employees hold positions including two accountants and six individuals in administrative support, printing, and services. This stands in stark contrast to the approximately 600 Kuwaiti citizens eagerly awaiting appointment to positions such as accountants, out of a larger pool of 6,500 university-educated citizens awaiting government employment.

The sources have urged the Bureau to take immediate steps towards Kuwaitization within the administration of the Civil Service Commission office. This aligns with existing decisions mandating 100% replacement of all roles and specializations where qualified Kuwaitis are available for employment.

Furthermore, there is a call for strict adherence to Decree No. 17/2017, which emphasizes that appointments to positions should prioritize Kuwaiti nationals. In cases where Kuwaitis are unavailable, preference should be given to non-Kuwaiti individuals born to Kuwaiti mothers, followed by individuals from other Arab countries.

Highlighting the guidelines outlined in Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 11/2017 regarding the Kuwaitization of government positions, the sources emphasize that every non-Kuwaiti employee should be considered within the replacement policy, including those from Gulf nations.

This news has been read 2221 times!

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