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No proof but man accused of forgery

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: A person has been accused of forging four checks issued by the Ministry of Health in favor of four citizens. He reportedly went to the bank to cash two of the checks on behalf of two citizens and the total amount of the two checks – KD392.747 – was deducted from the account of the ministry. He repeated the same process and received cash for the other two checks (KD432.488) Attorney Bashar Al-Nassar, lawyer for the accused, argued in court that the search procedure was illegal as it was based on inconclusive investigations, in addition to the contradictory testimonies of the concerned officer.

He said he asked the officer about the evidence that his client was involved in forgery but the officer said there is no evidence, yet the officer insisted on hurling forgery accusation at his client. Al-Nassar pointed out the search of his client’s car was illegal as it was not executed according to the warrant issued by the Public Prosecution.

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