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Saturday , October 23 2021

No internal organs taken from the murdered Kuwaiti citizen in Egypt

KUWAIT CITY, March 24: When some of the relatives of a Kuwaiti who was killed a week ago in his apartment in one of the popular neighborhoods in Egypt, complained that some organs of the deceased were stolen, a senior official of the Kuwait Embassy in Cairo refuted the allegations, reports Al-Anba daily.

The official said it is illogical to believe such a thing actually happened given the fact the victim was old and in his early 80s, which means most of the organs would be of no use taking in account the age factor.

The official added: “We can confirm that this is not true and because the embassy was following up every step until the body was repatriated to Kuwait.” In response to a question on the request of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry to the Egyptian authorities to receive a Kuwaiti security delegation in Egypt and facilitate the mission and follow up the matter, the embassy official said the Egyptian security authorities fully cooperated with the Kuwaiti side, concerning various issues.

The official pointed out that the Egyptian security authorities informed the Kuwaiti security delegation about all the proceedings and investigations carried out in Egypt which required careful examination of the body since the victim did not die naturally but was killed ‘by thieves’. The source confirmed that the investigations in Giza since the beginning of the case made great efforts which culminated in the speedy arrest of the suspects.

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