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No hope of achieving ‘strategic alternative’, says govt source

‘Approval in new session impossible’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: While the government expects the last year of the National Assembly’s mandate to be difficult, it is convinced that the “strategic alternative is dead” and that its approval in the next session is “impossible,” reports Al-Rai daily.

This is what a government source told the daily yesterday, stressing that despite the difficulties and expectations of a ‘bad’ year, “things look good” in terms of the cooperation with the legislative authority but at the same time the source said the government has “lost hope of achieving the strategic alternative”.

The source pointed out that it is kept in the parliamentary drawers two years ago. The source asserted that the strategic alternative will not be approved in the next session, because in fact it leads to adjustments to salaries in new appointments in various sectors and reduces the benefits, which is difficult to be approved by the MPs, especially as the MPs attempt to win votes in the upcoming elections, will dominate the practices of a large of them in the final year of the Assembly.

Meanwhile, the same source said the Cabinet during yesterday’s session deliberated on reports about the situation in the region. Reaffirming what Al-Rai had published under the title of ‘Green Light for Temporary Labor Housing’, the Council of Ministers has decided to proceed with the establishment of the Labor Cities Project in South Jahra and to allocate the necessary land for temporary housing for workers of companies that execute their projects outside urban areas.

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