Next parliament without programs

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WITH the continuation of the registration of candidacy for the parliamentary elections until next Sunday, a number of aspirants announced their withdrawal from the race.

There is no doubt that each of them have their own base of supporters, and a way to test the political pulse of the people and discover the extent of the people’s reluctance and tedium towards the lack of productivity of the previous parliamentarians. It may also be because they saw that the atmosphere was different from before, and therefore they chose to stand on the sidewalk of time, waiting for a better opportunity.

Irrespective of the results, there is evidence that these elections are different in form compared to the previous ones. However, the content is the same and cannot be relied upon. This is due to the fact that the title of a book tells a lot about the book itself. When looking at those who are presenting themselves to be part of the next parliament, nothing is promising at all.

Popular discontent has reached its extreme. Of course, the government will not be able to perform miracles in the remaining few years of its life. Rather, it is working on lost time, due to which we will not witness any reliable changes from the two authorities.

On this principle, the political leadership can play a role by issuing major decisions to change the situation in Kuwait, either in resolving the housing problem, or working to revive the industrial sector, enhance food security, reduce unemployment among Kuwaiti youth, restore the political situation, and open the country in front of the investors. The people have been waiting for years for decisions in this regard, but neither the successive governments nor the parliaments have made laws that deserve people’s approval.

Based on what Kuwait is going through today, it is not possible to get out of this situation except with a will greater than an employee at the level of a minister, not a MP who is only concerned with investing in people’s votes to enhance his financial and electoral assets. It is not possible to remain convinced that constitutional institutions alone bear responsibility for failures.

As per logic, we all bear the burden of what the country has reached, so the leadership alone can get the country out of this situation because it has actual powers that no one can override.

There is no doubt that the world is changing in these major political moments that the events ended with. There are new rules drawn in economics, politics and even geography. All of this requires confronting it with precision and a correct assessment of the positions.

Consequently, it affects Kuwait negatively if it does not prepare for the coming events, and works to fortify its internal front in all aspects particularly economically, socially, security, and politically. It impacts Kuwait positively if it has prepared its tools for confrontation, and worked to enjoy great capabilities to deal with any emergency.

For instance, last Monday, the government approved a draft law to abolish the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation. Although it is of no practical importance, it is a clear indication of how matters may end up.

It is true that it is just a proposal, but it needs to be approved by the National Assembly, that is, a return to the same vicious circle, while necessary decrees may be issued that can end this cycle.

What people are waiting for today is a firm decision that can end their problems and the crises caused by each of the successive governments and parliaments.

Time is pressing, and the acceleration of events in the world and the region does not allow the luxury of entertaining the outcome of the coming elections.

Rather, it is necessary to work quickly to bridge the gaps and take firm decisions to prevent what could further weaken Kuwait. This is what the people hope for from the political leadership because it is clear that we will be faced with a parliament without programs, but with just rhetoric that neither nourishes nor avails against hunger.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 34724 times!

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