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New duty on aluminum imports

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 4: The General Administration of Customs has issued new instructions No. 69/2021 regarding the imposition of anti-dumping duties on the Gulf Cooperation Council countries imports of aluminum alloy sheets, plates and tapes manufactured or originating from the Republic of China, reports Al-Anba daily. Director General of Customs Jamal Al-Jalawi explained that the decision to impose custom duties is based on the letter sent by the Ministry of Finance dated June 26, 2021, which includes the letter of the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council addressed to the Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Investment Khalifa Hamada. The decision is also based on the decision No. 8 of the ministerial committee, the official bulletin of the Office of the Technical Secretariat, the indicative report for the above-mentioned product, the Financial and Economic Cooperation Committee’s resolution No. 93 and the Standing Committee’s Resolution No. 37/47/2021.

Al-Jalawi affirmed that the decision is in pursuant to the Joint Anti- Dumping and Countervailing and Preventive Measures of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and with reference to the letter of the Southern Ports Customs Administration regarding imposing final duties to combat dumping on the GCC imports of aluminum alloy sheets, plates and tapes with a thickness between 0.2 mm and 8 mm that fall under customs items 76061200- 76069200 that are manufactured or originated from the Republic of China. He explained that the decision excludes aluminum alloy products that are heat treated, painted and varnished, and those used for the manufacture of beverage cans and caps.

The decision entails imposing final anti-dumping duties on GCC imports of product of origin or source from the Republic of China, as a percentage of the CIF value of imports from the People’s Republic of China is 33 percent. The imposition of the final duties will begin 37 days after the date the decision is published in the official gazette of the Office of the Technical General Secretariat to Combat Harmful Practices in International Trade and for a period of five years from the date of July 22, 2021. The final duties collected are treated as customs duties

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