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Sunday , September 26 2021

New case of human trafficking discovered – Filipino female workers registered without knowledge of sponsors

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: The details of a new case of human trafficking, manipulation and registration of domestic labor files have been revealed to ensure the protection of unskilled citizens as well as the exploitation of female workers, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting reliable sources.

The same sources said, the Home Employment Department affiliated to the Ministry of Interior has received more than 10 complaints last week from citizens who suddenly discovered the registration of domestic workers in their names.

According to the sources, this was discovered when the complainants filed the request to bring domestic workers. After paying the required fees and determining the date of their arrival, the sponsor was surprised when the Domestic Employment Office contacted and said “the Ministry of Interior had refused the request because of a mistake in the seals or a lack of identity documents but in fact the maids had already arrived in the country and had been exploited by offering them to others.

The sources said some citizens were surprised after the lapse of the legal period to stamp the residence permit, they had to pay fines for each day of delay and could not complete the procedures at the Ministry of Interior except pay what is required of them.

The sources said that the citizens who complained to the Ministry of Interior, under the leadership of Lt-Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah, last week presented papers showing the registration of female workers from the Philippines in their file without their knowledge and that had resulted in fines.

Sources pointed out that the Interior Ministry has informed the victims of the need to file absconding report against domestic workers who are registered in their files without their knowledge, and to bring contracts signed between them and the recruitment and the receipt of fees payment in order to lift fines imposed on them and and follow-up case.

However, a strange surprise and paradox arose. The officials of the Home Employment Department informed the affected citizens that the case will proceed naturally by reporting the worker as absconding and then pursuing it.

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