Neglected education and Al-Qenaei family

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Yes, no one wants to talk about me, I am a heavy guest. The government does not like me, and the article writers do not want to pay attention to my tragic situation, and even when a Member of Parliament tries to talk about me, the rest either ignore or leave, and even the committee concerned does not pay any attention, and its members are chosen by acclamation, often from among religious or semi-educated people.

My story is old and it started with the neglect in 1911 when some sought to establish the first regular private school in Kuwait. Their endeavors faced obstacles, and had it not been for the determination of those behind it, it would have been stillborn, but it exhausted everyone and pushed them to hand it over to the government. Then the wave of underdevelopment crept in after a few decades, with official acquiescence, wiped out all hope of resuscitating me, and it was a clinical death.

My problems are psychologically, financially and politically stressful, and solutions to my situation are difficult, my needs are many, and the results of my work take time, and my requirements are innumerable, therefore no one wants to accompany me.

Although the guardians allocated money who look after my affairs, they did not remain in their positions except for short periods, to change one after another, after they were fed up with my requests or did not understand me, except for a few who remained and knew the truth of my ills, but their plans and programs failed, and attempts to get me out of my tragic situation were aborted.

The baffling thing is that the people who need me most are the people, who care the least about me, and the more they neglect and hate me, the more their ignorance increases and continues to ignore me, and thus we are all revolving in an endless infernal cycle.

Perhaps the reason why some hate me is because I represent the light, or rather I am the light, and whoever fights me loves the darkness, I opened its curtains, the gain is more and greater.

I am Education… I am the key to the secrets of the universe, I am the treasure of knowledge, I am the sword that fights backwardness, I am the one who brings nations out of darkness, I am the one who teaches how factories are run, and from my letters the student learns how to build bridges, build mountains and pave roads.

I am the one who increases wealth and preserves the economy, improves health, prevents epidemics, prolongs the lives of children, relieves pain, defends the rights of the oppressed, resolves disputes, clears borders, shortens travel distances, builds skyscrapers, defends borders and dams.

With my weakness, nations weaken and civilizations collapse. Whoever wants all the good, must learn, study and develop education, so there is no hope without my help.

My relationship with the Al-Qenaei family started at an early stage and has survived to this day through a series of invaluable friendships that will last as long as I live.

This family is considered a pioneer in many fields, and it is like any large family despite some errs but there is one work, among dozens of other beautiful works, intercedes for all the shortcomings of some of those who belong to it, which is its wonderful quest in 1977 to establish Bayan Bilingual School which had a pivotal role and a turning point in the lives of all or the majority of those who studied there, including my sons, who were among the first to join it.

The late Fawzia Hamad Al-Sultan founded the Bayan School, and she was the leader of her team who shared the responsibility of establishing a pioneering and exemplary school, which paved the way for a wonderful future for education in the country.

The secret of its success was the vision and clear message that its institution had from day one, and this qualified it to succeed and become the most influential private school in the history of education in Kuwait.

I knew the importance of Bayan School and the solidity of its curriculum when our children joined the “St. Hilda” School in Britain, when we moved to live there in the eighties, as they did not find it difficult to adapt to the school’s atmosphere completely alien to them, especially after we learned later that its character is very conservative, and the majority of its students are children from wealthy Jewish families. There is no doubt that the credit for their ease of adaptation was due to their school years in Bayan.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 23432 times!

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