Need to improve Abdali border crossing with Iraq for Gulf Cup

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Increase in manpower, necessary technology required

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: With only 13 days left for the start of the Gulf Cup Football Championship in Basra (Gulf 25), the Abdali border crossing with Iraq is awaiting action plan from the concerned authorities to address the lack of infrastructure in order to prepare it to receive thousands of vehicles and passengers, as it is the only port for the Gulf fans to attend the tournament competitions, reports Al-Rai daily. Informed sources said, “The border post must be equipped with the necessary manpower and technology to deal with the expected infl ux so as to ensure the smooth fl ow of movement, exit and entry alike.

The intensive operation of the border crossing also requires modifying the rugged road leading to it. Due to its poor condition, Abdali Road needs maintenance worthy of it as an international road. The work mechanisms and coordination between the concerned authorities must be developed. It is also important to be prepared to prevent the entry of prohibited items into the country, amid the expected crowds of people and their vehicles. Security measures must be tightened and the efficiency of the inspection agencies must be raised.”

The sources revealed a joint meeting between the Ministry of Interior and Customs Unit at Abdali Port to develop concepts and quick solutions to receive sports fans from Kuwait and the Gulf countries. They said, “Work is still slow and is not rising to the level of the event. Time is passing quickly. The start of the tournament is on the sixth of January. It is noticeable that the Iraqi side completed its preparations at the Safwan crossing within days.”

The sources stressed that, “The customs yard is very narrow. Also, the current mechanism requires the traveler to stop, get off his vehicle, and go to the passport hall to stamp his passport. This will create unusual congestion, given the narrowness of the port yard and the failure to accommodate vehicles.” They suggested that, “The best proposal is to prepare a parking space for vehicles, and transport their passengers by buses to the port and from it into Iraq, as is practiced during the peak season of visits. This is faster and safer, instead of allowing the entry of thousands of vehicles, with the presence of only two inspection booths.”

This news has been read 18839 times!

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