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Thursday , August 18 2022

‘Need to find solution to no jobs for Kuwaitis problem’

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KUWAIT CITY, March 28: “There is a need to find solutions to the problem of unemployment especially that the proportion of non-Kuwaitis has become 25% in the government sector,” said the speakers during a panel discussion entitled ‘Labor Market and Employment Crisis’, reports Al-Anba daily.

They added the number of applications for jobs was more than 17 thousand, pointing out that the private sector has now become a repellent for Kuwaitis when it comes to government sector because it is more secure and stable compared to the private sector.

They pointed out that there are ministries that are having difficulty in implementing the replacement of expatriates, such as the ministries of Health, Awqaf and Education. MP Muhammad Al-Dalal said the problem of unemployment is very huge and must be addressed by finding a suitable solution as “we wish to activate the replacement policy” in the government sector.

He added the percentage of non- Kuwaitis is 25 in the government sector, which has become a necessity to monitor and follow-up, especially since “we take into account the humanitarian aspect and our relations with the countries to which these workers belong to.” He pointed out that the government “promised us to provide a full picture of its mechanism in providing employment opportunities in the public and private sectors, so we have to wait until we see this perception.”

He said that the private sector has become an oppressor for Kuwaitis and therefore the attention is directed to the government sector because it is more secure and stable if we compare it with the private sector. Abdullah Al-Hajri said the government sector provides job security for youth because it is less effort and more revenue. Therefore, “I believe that the solution would be to abolish the phenomenon of government luxury, through increasing working hours in the public sector, in addition to applying the similar work system as the private sector.

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