Sunday , September 24 2023

Naïvety of the Arab reader

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The Saudi colleague Muhammad Ali Al-Mahmoud wrote a recent article regarding the naïvety of the Arab reader in his view of the conspiracy theory, and how this view is based on fantasies that often have no basis in truth, an example of what some believed in for years that Hitler fled Germany and lived somewhere, and that the landing of man on the moon was a movie filmed in Hollywood studios, and that Corona is a lie intended to benefit pharmaceutical companies, and other superstitions such as belief in the existence of a secret group that controls the world and that aliens have previously visited Earth and built the pyramids, for example, then they left.

The problem is not in the extent of the realism of these stories, but rather in the illusions that try to fill the unknown voids in the story, and then develop them into a ghoul that devours the truth from its roots.

Conspiracy theories are based on storytelling fantasies that use some available information, but often have no basis in reality, and the problem is not with conspiracy theories, which journalist Christopher Hitchens sees as a result of the availability of a lot of information to many people, most of whom do not have the ability to investigate and do the analysis, but the problem in a large number of people of believing, not only from the neglected popular circles in which ignorance is rampant, but, to a greater extent, in the educated circles that are more vulnerable to scattered information.

The funny thing is that conspiracy theories were known only to a few individuals, and suddenly, with the spread of premature readings on the means of communication, and the huge amount of information, it became more widespread and prosperous, and it is not easy to find a way to interpret and analyze, for all these educated people, the right and wrong amount of information and news they receive every hour.

It is strange that none of these people would like to realize that behind every conspiracy theory there is a subjective motive that has nothing to do with the objective or scientific data of the topic around which the theory revolves. Those who believe that (former US President George W) Bush is behind the September 11 events are mostly Democrats, and those who believe that (former US President Barack) Obama is a disguised Muslim are mostly Republicans, and the two sides may be members of one family, and so on, especially since there are always supporting facts in any lie which are necessary to win the confidence of the simple people.

Because of man’s quest to understand the mysteries of phenomena since the dawn of history, this prompted him to create myths to impart a meaning to what he is ignorant of in the ocean of his consciousness.

The question is: Is the stupid public alone the victim of conspiracy theories? Or does even those who are not stupid turn into temporarily idiots (a state of circumstantial anesthesia)?

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By Ahmad alsarraf