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Someone asked his friend about the meaning of the expression “mixed feelings” and he replied: It is the same feeling you get when your “mother-in-law” borrows your new car, and is late in returning it, and then you get a call from the police that she is injured as a result of a traffic accident! Here you have these mixed feelings.

I had this feeling after purchasing an electric car. On the one hand, I was filled with happiness because I would contribute, in my part, to preserving the environment by reducing toxic emissions, but on the other hand, my need for petrol would decrease, and my national economy would be harmed, perhaps to the same extent, but I remembered that electricity that charges… It has electric car batteries that are generated by consuming or burning oil, and this means that we will remain in the same “hellish loop” for a long time to come.

I did some research, a little late, on the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars (BEV), and perhaps I would have hesitated a lot to buy the car, if I had known enough about them. I found that the best thing about electric cars is that they do not need maintenance and damage.

The parts that move in them, and are subject to damage, are up to 20 pieces, compared to more than 200 pieces in a regular vehicle. There is no need for cooling water, oils, grease, petroleum, spark plugs, belts, internal fuel motor, gears, etc. Also, the power of the electric car lies in its battery, as it is what runs its electric motor, due to its weight and the space it takes, this makes it heavier than a regular car, and its battery is made to last between 10 to 12 years, and does not require maintenance, but not paying attention to charging it may reduce as it ages, it is necessary to avoid charging it to the maximum, and avoid discharging it completely, that is, keeping it filled between 20 and 80% only.

Because there is no easy way to maintain this percentage, monitoring this causes some inconvenience to its owner, bearing in mind that charging an empty battery takes a few hours, and ultra-fast charging takes a few minutes, but it is available at limited points, and it is not recommended except when necessary. A disadvantage is that there are not enough battery charging points, as in Europe.

Thus, the owner becomes tied to specific points, and must constantly monitor the degree of battery charge. Temperatures, whether high or low, also affect its performance, and it is preferable to park the car in the summer under awnings or protective covers.

I can say that driving an electric car is a pleasure that I have not felt since the first car I owned 61 years ago. It is smooth and quiet in everything, and this may not please many people who are fond of loud cars.


Many were surprised by the position of MP Shoaib Sha’aban and his words against the Vice President and Minister of Defense and Interior, and his use of strange words!

It is said that the reason is due to the minister’s research into the backgrounds of some of the military attachés who were recently appointed. Perhaps the attack came to stop summoning those who do not deserve the position!

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 666 times!

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